When Stuck Make A List

Since my last half marathon, I’ve been dealing with some nagging injuries. Like an ITB flare up on my left leg and some really strange tendonitis in my right foot (peroneal tendonitis for those who want specifics).  I attribute these injuries to pushing it too hard during my last race (ummm, I won a medal. It was worth it!). I also think that the race course with its never ending hills and severely cambered roads played a role

***Someone remind me, I’ve got to do a post on the danger of running on cambered roads soon***

So basically I’ve taken 3 weeks off of attempting any distance runs (anything over 8 miles actually). Instead, I’ve been foam rolling and taking ice baths like it’s my job. Guess what? Success!!! My ITBS has calmed down a lot and I no longer have any strange foot pain. I’ve been able to get back to running 6-8 milers but I know that my marathon training has taken a hit. SO here’s the big question: continue with my marathon training and try to eeek it out before April 21 OR switch to the half marathon that day and ease back into it.

Scrapping a marathon sucks. It blows. But it’s not like I haven’t done it before (Ummm, RnRLV most recently! I’ve also had to miss one other marathon–Chicago 2009–due to hip bursitis) and I’ve always been able to heal, regroup, and train and complete a subsequent marathon.

This time around it’s been difficult to make my decision. Exactly one year ago this Saturday, I ran my last marathon. Since then, I’ve run countless races and triathlons but haven’t been able to try any distance past the half marathon as I work to rehab my knee. I’ve wanted so badly for the Glass City Marathon to be my comeback marathon. I knew that to make my decision, I needed a list.

Pros and Cons of Running the full Glass City Marathon (rather than the Owens Corning Half) 



Amazing feeling of running another marathon

Amazing feeling of running another marathon

Amazing feeling of running another marathon

Getting to scratch the my 5th marathon off my list, something I’ve waited a year to do I really wanted to make a full comeback a year after running my last marathon and hurting my knee

Getting hurt

Getting hurt

Exacerbating my knee

Getting hurt and not being able to run all summer

Getting hurt and not being able to run the Alexandria Half Marathon with my twin sister, who has recently decided to get back into the distance running game (she has been on a hiatus after barely missing the Boston Marathon qualifying time a few years in a row)

So basically you can see that all of the pros are closely tied with my personal satisfaction and pride while all of the cons deal with the risk of injury (having to deal with these nagging injuries even longer or dealing with some setbacks to my main injury to the cartilage in my right knee). Kind of a no brainer right? Especially because I have already signed up for the Marine Corps Marathon this fall so I can make that my comeback marathon.  I also want to make sure I’m good to run the Alexandria Half Marathon over Memorial Day weekend so I can do it with my twin sis 🙂

So with a heavy heart, the decision has been made and email sent to switch to the half marathon. The switcheroo has been made

I’m committed to running all summer long, getting really strong, and training well for the Marine Corps Marathon. And it’s not like I don’t have some fun races coming up! This Saturday, I’m running the Irish Sprint 10k (which I’ll probably just leisurely run so as to not aggravate my ITB).

And with the half marathon in Toledo, OH in April and Alexandria in May, I feel grateful that I can continue to [ever so slowly] recover and heal so I can eventually…FINALLY…make my marathon comeback.

AND I feel pretty good after banging out a killer 5 mile tempo run tonight at the gym (one of those runs where I just felt all my muscles loosen up as I pushed it faster).

Thanks so much for sticking with me on this post as I complain…BOO HOO, I can’t run marathons, just half marathons.

Such a brat

I promise a full POSITIVE recap of the Irish Sprint 10k this weekend 🙂

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5 Responses to When Stuck Make A List

  1. Melissa says:

    You’re too funny. I’m all BOO HOO I can’t run AT ALL!!!! But now you’re making me think I should try to do that half. Not that I can run period right now, but whatever. 😉

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