Sunday Hangover Workout

Last I went to a good friend’s birthday party. It’s theme was “Good vs. Evil” and it was so much fun seeing everyone in costume. The best part? We had the ice arena reserved just for us so we got to drink and skate to our heart’s content late into the night (I figured out quickly that drinking + skating = some pretty bad falls).  I was dressed as The Flash, and it was fun that my special “power” was just being really fast. I got the costume from my friend who used it for halloween and it was perfect!

Today has been pretty rough. I’m just not able to recover as quickly from long nights of drinking anymore. Usually going to the gym or sweating a bit helps but the act of forcing myself to go is really difficult. The best hangover workout in my opinion? Swimming! Somehow my headache just disappears when I am gliding through the water. Swimming was also the perfect choice after yesterday’s 6 mile tempo run (why not the 16 miler I had planned? Stay tuned…)

What is your go-to hangover (or not feeling the best) workout? 

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