What a nice Tuesday morning surprise! Instead of the 1:40:52 half marathon PR I announced on Sunday, my chip time revealed that I ran about 20 seconds faster (ok, so it’s not like 20 seconds is a lot of time but hey I’ll take it!).

I finished 154th out of over 700.  And third in my age group! I shaved over 10 minutes off my previous half PR…which isn’t actually saying that much because I never run half marathons. This is only my 3rd official half, and my first where I wasn’t sick (I had a fever of 101 at the 2010 Decker’s Creek Half and a wicked sore throat at the RnR LV in December), so maybe this is the speed at which I run them (I have to remind myself that I used to be speedy when I first got into running before I did longer distances…my 5k times were consistently right around 20 minutes!). Plus, once you run marathons the half distance seems so short! I have no idea how well I’d do if I actually followed a set training program for running a faster half marathon. I mean as of now I do minimal speed training and run my long training runs pretty slow.  I suppose everything I’ve read about training 1- 1:30 minutes slower than race pace is true! If there is one thing that I have done-if unintentionally–it’s hill train. There are so many freaking hills around here that I almost can’t find flat terrain to train on.

I bet if I actually followed a half marathon training program I could shave off at least 5 minutes. But I’m not all that into following set programs. I like to go rogue rather than chase faster times. But who knows, in the future maybe I’ll change my mind.

I’m still flying high on my new record, but if there is one thing I know for sure, it’s that I’m not going to run “challenging” or hilly courses for quite a while. Next time I’m going to do my research and if I see a news article that says this…

I’ll probably pass. But for right now, it’s time to celebrate and make my new half marathon PR official 🙂

A full recap of the race to follow…

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One Response to 1:40:34!

  1. Wow! Congrats on your PR! That’s one challenging course to set a PR in! I was on my way too until the hills at mile 12…like what? 3 hills in the last mile?! Crazy! Anyway, very impressed that you’re able to pull that off on that course. Great job!

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