Wednesdays Are Tough

Wednesdays are tough. Not as hard as Tuesdays for me (come on people, we’re one day closer to the weekend!), but they’re definitely tough. You’re still two days off from the weekend and (if you’re like me) you’re inundated with work.

Here’s 33 ways to brighten and jump start your day/week via P.S. I Made This

Personally, I like #s 6, 7, 16, 29, and 32

Also, if you feel like you’re drowning in work…take a break already! And check out one of my guilty pleasure celebrity pic blogs, Day Old  News.

Need a beauty/fashion break? Check out The Beauty Department (yes, Lauren Conrad’s blog) or the blogs highlighted today on Daily Buzz.

And if you’re feeling a little BLAH or that you have the afternoon slumps, go exercise! My plan for today is a 10 mile run (this week I’m trying something different before my half marathon on Sunday: running multiple 10 mile runs instead of pushing up to 16 miles). Need some motivation? Check out Skinny Runner’s blog. SR completes double digit runs almost everyday like it’s no thang. And she’s lightening quick during her (sometimes weekly) marathons.

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