One Year Anniversary

IT’S PARTY TIME! Happy One Year Anniversary To My Blog!!

A year ago I decided I wanted to start a blog to document my life in the small town of Charlottesville. I wasn’t that happy and felt like something needed to give. I made a decision that I would “Go On A Living Spree” and try to take advantage of all opportunities and feel more grateful for what I actually had in Cville: my active, social, fashionable, and hungry/eating life.

A year later I realize that the blog has undoubtedly been cathartic. I am able to go back through the posts and see see how rich and full my life actually is here. And along the way I’ve connected with some awesome blog readers/writers.

You heard it here: Life is Good 🙂

In honor of the blog’s one year bday, I’ve compiled some of my favorite posts:

Active Life

I Called It: Rock nRoll Las Vegas Half Marathon recap
2011 Monument 10k
2011 Shamrock Marathon
Misson (Wo)Man Triathlon
White Lake Half Ironman
Inspirational Songs for 13.1 
Keep Muscles “Loose and Strong”
Conservative Care is the name of the game
Midweek Tempo Run and 11 Major Marathon Mistakes
Insights on Treadmill Distance Running

Social Life

What Happens In Vegas…
29 Years Young
Halloweeeeekend 2011
Ups and Downs of a Virginia Summer
Weekend Warrior
Staunton Grocery and Polo at King Family Vineyard
Starry Nights and Pleats 
2011 Foxfield Races Recap
Non-stop Weekend Recap
Weekend in the Capital City 

Fashionable Life

With my mom 🙂

Black and White Pleated Dress [Afterglow Post]
Cozy and Chic
Red Fit & Flare Dress [Fall Wedding in Maine]
Red and Leopard
Changing Proportions and Patterns
Bitch Stole my Look: Fourth of July Edition
Steal of the Century (Kate Spade bags)
Cville 2011 Winter Fashion Challenge
Cville 2011 Spring Fashion Challenge

Hungry Life

Orzo Kitchen & Wine Bar [Cville Restaurant Week Winter 2012]
Commonwealth Restaurant & Skybar  
Mas Tapas
Farmers Market and Gaspacho
Brunch at Basic Necessities
Giada’s Balsamic BBQ Chicken [via Chipotle post]

Favorite Sophie/Frenchie Posts

Tribute to a Birthday Girl (Sophie’s 5th Bday)
Life Lessons From A Frenchie

Let me just say thank you for following me on this journey and I look forward to another year of fun, fitness, friends, and food 🙂

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One Response to One Year Anniversary

  1. Anonymous says:

    Happy Anniversary!!!!! I love following your adventures…what a great life you lead!

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