Early Spring Teaser

Yesterday we had a very early spring-like day: 60s and sunny. What do us central Virginians do when we have such beautiful weather? Go wine tasting 🙂

We went to Pippin Hill, a new winery south of Cville. It has a beautiful tasting lodge, great wine, and yummy food. It made for a really nice, relaxing Saturday afternoon (and even the chubby lil nugget came along!)

Picture from their website of the view when the trees have leaves 🙂

After drinking wine all afternoon we decided to…get ready and go out on the town in Cville at night (what else?).

It was definitely a long but fun day. Today we are expecting a bit of snow (I’m guessing only 1 inch and it’ll all be gone by tomorrow because it will be 50 degrees again) so I’m going to get some work done and probably go to the gym. It’s been 5 days since my last run (15 miles that I forgot to post about) and I am running a half marathon a week from today. I’m thinking a nice 4 mile hangover run. Nothing like sweating out all the toxins!

Hope you’re having a relaxing end of your weekend!

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