Lost & Found

Last night I went to a Law school party and stayed out waaaaaay too late (3am on a worknight???). The Law school has a tradition where they throw parties every night in February.

Fun for sure but I think I’m just too old to handle that much partying. I woke up this morning and just felt awful. So all I’ve really done all day is eat a ton of carbs and lie around. NOT very productive if you ask me.

On the bright side I did find these never before seen (by me) race photos of me running the 2010 Charlottesville 10 miler. I was wondering why I didn’t have any pictures from that race! Now I can add them to all the other race photos I’ve been collecting.

Just looking at these makes me feel extra lazy today. Gonna get off my butt and run tomorrow. As for tonight? Still deciding between going out (again??) and going to see a movie. Right now the movie is sounding pretty nice.

Any plans for the weekend? Running? Going out?

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4 Responses to Lost & Found

  1. Anonymous says:

    Those boots are great – so glad we got them! A free standing Vince Camuto store just opened on 5th Ave. I should check it out..

  2. Kallin says:

    As a Wisconsin girl, I have to comment on the Bucky tshirt. On Wisconsin!

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