6 Mile Tempo Run

I planned to run 6 miles outside today but when I woke up I saw the temps were in the 30s (the horror! we get one winter day…). I decided to book it to the gym where I could bang my run out on the treadmill.

My progression 10k tempo run went something like this

Mile 1: 9:30

Mile 2: 9:15

Mile 3: 9:00

Mile 4: 8:45

Mile 5: 8:30

Mile 6: 8:15

Mile .2: 8:20

It felt good to slowly warm up and progressively get faster. I think I like doing tempo runs on the treadmill more than outside.

It also felt good to do some of  my PT exercises (which I have been neglecting the past 2 weeks)

After the gym I swung by Whole Foods for some early dinner. I always end up getting so much food when I go to WF, but today I was able to restrain myself. I got a salad with tons of different toppings and pomegranate dressing

and butternut possole soup. It’s really healthy, just check out the nutrition facts

Off to devour my food and get ready to go out tonight!

Do you like to run your tempo runs outside or on the treadmill? 

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