Once in a blue moon

You have such a great run it feels like you could run forever. Nothing hurts. Not your knees, stomach, foot, toe, little pinky finger. Nothing. You also feel light, fast, and like you have unlimited energy. For that to happen, though, all of the planets need to align. I notice that I have one of those runs every few months. It’s actually been almost exactly two months since my last one (RnRLV) and we all know some of the shitty runs I’ve had since, so I knew I was due for one. And today’s felt oh so good 🙂

Last week I had a nice, slow but not overly amazing 11 mile run.

This week I banged out a slow 14 miler and my body (including my knee) felt great!

Now I know that many of the reasons why I have such a good run every blue moon are out of my control. But I also know that I can help set myself up for one. Here’s why I think I had such a good run today:

1. Ice bath

Probably the number one reason why I felt so good today was that I took an ice bath last night. It was awful at the time (when is it not?) and I literally needed to force myself to get in but I knew it could help my knee feel better during my run today. And it worked!

From now on I plan to take an ice bath the night before a long run or race as well as one afterwards.

2. Carb-loading two nights out

I usually “carb load” the night before just by eating a dinner that is a bit more carb heavy than usual. It just so happened this week that I ate a ton of carbs on Sunday while watching the Superbowl. I really think that eating carbs two nights out and then a pretty plain dinner the night before works best for me.

3. Sleep

This one is obvious, but I was able to get a good 8 hours of sleep on Sunday night and last night. I felt really well rested (despite going out this past weekend).

4. Mentally determined

At the end of last week I went to see my knee doctor.

We had the usual conversation about actively recovering and slowly inching up my mileage. We also decided to try out shots of Synvisc-One, a viscosupplement injection made from a natural substance that lubricates and cushions your joint.

Unfortunately my insurance needed more paperwork in order to pre-approve the injection (without insurance it’s $2000!). So I have to wait until March 3rd for my first one. But I have high hopes and I think knowing that I could have some really drastic results from this injection has given me a mental boost in my recovery.

5. GUs

I took my usual favorite GU flavors. Don’t mess with what works right?

6. New Music

If you want to guarantee a good run, download some new tunes. Today’s playlist included some new songs from different genres as well as some old favorites

7. Post Run Eats

Finally, I topped off my great run with a turkey bagel sandwich (with lettuce, tomato, muenster cheese, and hummus) and a Chobani honey yogurt. Nom nom nom

Now only two and a half weeks until my next half marathon and two and a half months until my comeback marathon 🙂

What helps you have a good run?

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