NYC Weekend

Hello there! Long time no post

I spent last weekend in New York City with my twin sis and best college friend (we went shopping for her wedding dress!!!!!). Before that I was crazy busy with getting out fellowship apps and finalizing some pubs. Doesn’t it just feel good to be productive (well, not here on the blog, but in “real life”)? I find that the more I cross off my to-do list the better I sleep at night. Procrastination really does fuel anxiety. Maybe I’ll write a book someday about procrastination, anxiety, and PhD students….lord knows I have plenty of experience and expertise in that field.

So in keeping with being extra productive today on the work front, I offer just a quick recap of last weekend’s festivities.

When I got in Friday evening my sis Becky had dinner waiting. I drove up from Cville, which took about 6 hours…and if I had a twitter account I would have undoubtedly wanted to write #bridgetunnel just to feel like a Jersey girl 🙂  It was nice to have a healthy, colorful (read: nutrient dense) meal waiting after a day of eating crap on the road.

Quick tangent: what is it about driving and/or traveling for long periods of time and mindlessly snacking? I know most people would say it’s because of boredom, but I actually feel more hungry!!!

Back to the dinner: stuffed peppers with a balsamic veggie salad and asparagus. My sister knows how to pack a nutrient punch!

Look at those peppers! A woman after my own heart

After dinner we just hung out and caught up. I was pretty tired from driving and we had a long day ahead of us. On Saturday we got up and went wedding dress shopping with one of my college besties, Jackie.

We also had a fab brunch with friends new and old

During lunch I found out that some of the girls also had their own blogs. I realized that whenever it comes up that I have a blog, many of my friends are surprised “Oh you do?” they exclaim. “What is it so I can go check it out?” And that’s where I freak out. You see, I started this blog for personal reasons. I wasn’t happy in Charlottesville. I wanted to have a forum–rather, a database–of all of the events, activities, experiences that enriched my life here and that I could reflect back on so as to feel more grateful for what I had. The blog is obviously open to anyone and everyone and I’m so happy when I find out I have a new subscriber or reader (seriously, it makes my day you guys). But for some reason it makes me uncomfortable if I know that people I actually know and see often are reading it. I just have to get over that because I love sharing my experiences and know that blogging is such a great forum for everyone to share their thoughts and common experiences.

Anyhoo, after brunch Becky and I went shopping for a bit (not to sound like this, which btw you should definitely check out because it’s hilarious, but OMG I got some great dresses, blouses, and skirts. I’ll do a recap soon). We also got some manis 🙂 I chose Essie’s Lacquered Up

Then we got dressed up and went out! We ended up at Jane Ballroom in the West Village which was sooo much fun! It’s a large room full of couches where people hang out and (eventually) dance. The music was amazing. And I guess it’s difficult to get in although we luckily had no problem

In a black Express dress (very simple and very unlike me!) with my new Tory Burch clutch. Love

Rooftop in West Village with views of NYC skyline

Twins!! Except here we don't look alike...

NYC gals

Hamming it up per the usual

After a late night it was difficult to get up and drive back, but the drive didn’t seem too bad. And I got home right as the Superbowl was starting. I was good this year and only ate half of a pizza 😉 Which reminds me, after I finish some work on my dissertation I’m going for a run. I’ll probably do a short, easy 3 miler and then bang out a 14 miler tomorrow.

Hope you had a FUN weekend and are having a nice start to your work week 🙂

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4 Responses to NYC Weekend

  1. Carina says:

    I have some friends from high school who read mine, but pretty much no one I’m still regularly in touch with (i.e., no one I might complain about!). My husband has looked at it a few times, but doesn’t read it regularly as far as I know. I’ve often thought that I’ll tell people in real life about it at some point, but just haven’t.

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  3. Pingback: Once in a blue moon | Let's Go on a Living Spree

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