Orzo Kitchen & Wine Bar

Last week was Restaurant Week here in Cville, an idea taken and adapted from larger cities. You get a three course meal for $26. This is a such an amazing concept in larger cities, where more expensive restaurants typically partake. That’s because you end up going to a restaurant where you wouldn’t typically go because it’s usually too much money (the whole idea behind restaurant week). Since we don’t have a lot of restaurants like that here in Cville, our restaurant week is usually a motley crue of places to eat, some good and some just so so.

After my AWFUL experience at Maya earlier in the week (it was really a debacle…everything was just bad, from the flavors of the dishes to the teensy tiny portions, to my extremely overcooked monkfish…my favorite dish and the only reason why I went there that night. Seriously, that thing was so overcooked it crumbled like well-done chicken. It was inedible), a group of friends and I decided to check out Orzo Kitchen and Wine Bar, a mediterranean restaurant. And I’m so glad we did because it restored my faith in good restaurants.

For restaurant week, Orzo offered almost their whole menu. This is a huge perk. Many restaurants (achemmm….Maya) short change you during restaurant week and make you wish you went any other time just to get a real meal. That was not the case with Orzo.

Because we had a good sized group we all ordered differently and shared our meals. I was stuffed by the end. Here are the highlights.

Hanger steak

penne with homemade sausage

creamy risotto

chocolate chip and walnut cookie with vanilla ice cream

the most amazing greek rice pudding

Happy girls

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9 Responses to Orzo Kitchen & Wine Bar

  1. Kath says:

    We had a great time at Orzo too 🙂 And the best part was that baked penne!

  2. OMG that baked penne was really hearty wasn’t it? We took some home and I had it for lunch the next day 🙂

  3. YUMMM…that looks delish! But what’s up with the lack of ice cream on the ice cream and chocolate chip cookie plate??

  4. Idlehide says:

    that looks so yummy and the place looks fun! Random, but know who you look like?
    Jamie Lynn Sigler!! (You’re prettier though!) Have you ever been told that before?

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