From Knee to You

As I sat at Barnes & Noble yesterday to peruse the new March issue of Runners World (and yes, some trashy mags as well), I found an article that seemed to speak just to me

“From Knee to You: An open letter form a long-suffering leg joint to its negligent owner”

This letter could literally have been written by my knee

“Look, I don’t mind you using me. I love it when we go running together. I’m literally built for that. And to be fair, we’ve had some good times together” BUT “You and I are in an abusive relationship…I’m not what I used to be. And that means you’re not what you used to be. So quit trying so hard to be what you used to be!” 

Ugh, so annoying but so damn true. The cartilage is gone in my right knee, never to return. That means my running will never be the same. True, it can be good (and could even get better in some regards), but it can never be the same. And as the rest of the article goes on to say, I have to work for it. WORK for the ability to run like I used to. That means doing my PT exercises religiously and icing/resting consistently. In short, I have to train differently! I know it seems like I’ve been saying that over and over here, but I don’t think I have truly bought into that yet.

It doesn’t hurt to have constant reminders. I think I’ll tape this to my fridge…


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3 Responses to From Knee to You

  1. Rachel says:

    I subscribe to Runner’s World and ran across the same article after struggling through a half marathon last year (first time!) with knee issues throughout my training. I was searching for an online version of the article so I could post it on my blog without typing the whole darn thing out and ran across your blog! Great article. Nice blog! Hello from NY!

  2. says:

    I too ran my first 1/2 marathon last November and realized I had an IT band injury at mile 5 that set me hobbling the rest of the way to the finish. I had run 10 mile races, and even longer distances before with no problem, and yet for some reason my lack of cross-training finally caught up with me. I haven’t ran since, and wish I could say I’ve been stretching and strengthening like I should. I plan to begin proper training soon! Thanks for posting the article, I subscribe too and am sending the article to a friend because it’s a good one that many can relate to even if they aren’t runners.

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