The Hardest Transition

I love vacations. I think they recharge you and allow you to get rid of some nagging stress. That said, I think when you time your vacations is crucial. Take this past week in St. John. It was so absolutely breathtaking and relaxing.

I mean seriously, can you even compete with waking up to those views every day and spending the week on gorgeous beaches?

The only problem with this little trip is that I decided to go (my parents were going and I decided last minute to fly down to go with them) knowing full well that I was defending my dissertation proposal tomorrow. Ooops. I’m just a little busy now. Just a little.

So my relaxed, carefree mindset that I left the island with has been taken over by massive amounts of stress and last minute work.

Can I also just vent about something else for one minute? It’s been weeks since I’ve run consistently. Two weeks ago I had the worst sinus infection of my life and couldn’t get out of bed. Then this past week I was on vacay (I usually exercise regularly on vacay but there was actually no place to run on the tiny island of St. John…it’s all steep mountains and beaches). I went for one run this past week–ONE– around the tiny town of Cruz Bay. I basically ran in circles around the 2 streets for 40 minutes.


So when I went to the gym today I felt like a heefer. Just slow and nasty. I don’t know how people don’t exercise regularly. I feel like shit and can’t wait to get back to my routine!

Despite the massive workload that I have to get done by tomorrow (including overwhelming anxiety I have for my defense) and feeling of overall unheathy nastiness (don’t you love how articulate I am being today?), I wouldn’t have traded in my trip to the US Virgin Islands for anything.

I mean, would you have given that up?

Yep. Totally worth it.

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2 Responses to The Hardest Transition

  1. Carina says:

    Glad it was so wonderful! Vacations always are I think. Ahh, you’re so lucky to get to take a bunch — my vacation time seems to be so limited (and our travel horizons are so broad) that we’re basically taking just one big foreign trip a year for a couple weeks, then just short little visits home and long wknds the rest of the year.

  2. Idlehide says:

    aaahhhhh, looks like a lovely trip! We went there for bit on our honeymoon. I especially love your last picture of Trunk Bay Beach, we completely fell in love with it.
    FYI- you don’t look like a heefer, you still look awesome:)

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