New Year, New Races

This year I resolve to train smarter. Not harder, not more, but smarter. That means following exactly what my doctors tell me to do so I can get back to running marathons. The last time I talked about my knee, I mentioned that I was put on Prednisone for 8 days to reduce inflammation. After taking my course of medicine, I was supposed to slowly work my mileage back up over the course of 3 weeks. Typically I would get right back into running and if I felt fine, I would run hard. But I’ve decided that this is the year I am going to train smarter. I am going to run my easy runs (short maintenance and the long runs) easy and save my speedwork for one interval and tempo day a week.

My doctor told me to run very short, easy runs the week following the Prednisone. So that’s what I did.

12/22: 2 miles

12/23: 2 miles

12/24: 5 miles

12/26: 3 miles

12/28: 6 miles

Two weeks after my course of Prednisone I was supposed to run 75% of what I would normally run. So that is what I have done

12/30: 3 miles

1/2: 3 miles

1/3: 2 miles

1/4: 6 miles

*1/7 (this Saturday…and it’s supposed to be 63 degrees and sunny btw 🙂 ): 10 miles

This will set me up to resume running as normal in the 3rd week after taking the medicine (next week). It’s really important that I followed these instructions exactly because my knee needs to actively recover. And I need that to happen because….I have already signed up for all of my spring races (well all but one).

Almost 2 weeks ago, on December 23, I signed up for my first marathon back since the injury, the Glass City Marathon!!

The Glass City Marathon (this year on April 22) is a small marathon in Toledo, Ohio, just 40 minutes from where I grew up in Ann Arbor, Michigan. The course, organization, and race perks got really great reviews from runners and…get this…it was only $55!!!!!

I knew I wanted to do a small marathon in the spring and a large one in the fall. I’ve already entered the lottery for the NYC Marathon, but as we know the chances of me getting a bib are small. But that’s ok because there are sooooooo many good marathons out there! I’d run Chicago over NYC any day but because I want to try new races, I plan on signing up for the Marine Corps Marathon, another huge race.

So here is my updated spring race calendar. I had to restrain myself and only sign up for one race a month. More than that and I usually hurt myself. I also tried to mix up the distances as I train for the Glass City Marathon:

1/22 Frostbite 15k, Richmond, VA

2/28 Colonial Half, Williamsburg, VA

 3/17 Irish Sprint 10k, Quantico 

3/31 Charlottesville 10 miler

4/22 Glass City Marathon

5/27 Alexandria Half Marathon 

Those races will bring me into summer, where I usually do a triathlon series or a mix of races. Then in August I will begin training for either the Marine Corps Marathon or the NYC Marathon.

Let’s hope 2012 is the year I can get back to running the distances I want to be running!!!

Have you signed up for any good races in 2012 yet? 

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8 Responses to New Year, New Races

  1. Carina says:

    That’s a great schedule, and you’re going to have a good fall race either way, MCM and NYC are both among my faves. Will you still be in Cvle next year in the spring? I think I’m going to plan on running the 10 miler. My best friend lives in Cvle (and her husband actually works at the law school) and I don’t go visit them often enough — the 10 miler is a good excuse, and if you’re still there, that will be a doubly good excuse to do the race!

    I have made the mistake of signing up for races every single weekend in Jan., but hopefully Feb. will be more relaxed. My marathon is in March, then I’ll lay low until I have to start training for my fall full, which is likely in October, and I’ll also do Hood to Coast in August I think.

  2. Sky says:

    I’m still working out my schedule, but at the moment it looks like:

    4/1 Cherry Blossom 10 miler, DC
    4/21 Charleston 70.3, Charleston SC
    5/6 Monticelloman 70.3, Charlottesville VA
    7/28 Vineman 140.6, Sonoma County CA

    The end of May through July is taken by wedding weekends, so that will probably be the extent of my racing through Summer.

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