I’m a creature of habit

I can explain yesterday’s post. I know what you’re thinking, especially because almost every other blog (well the girlie, food/fitness blogs) are all about the holiday cheer…I really am a grinch! But I swear I have an explanation.

I am a creature of habit

If my routine gets interrupted or messed up I end up pretty annoyed. By routine, I mean when I get up in the morning, what I eat all day (during the week I eat almost the exact same thing every day for breakfast and lunch), when and how much I exercise (5-6 days a week is an absolute must), etc.

All of that gets messed up during the holidays. Especially the EATING. Don’t get me wrong, I love to eat. But I have no self-control and will inevitably end up gorging on everything. My routine keeps me on track. I’ve probably eaten more fatty food in the past week than I have in the past year. Eating out like I did last night at Brookville didn’t help…although the dinner was absolutely amazing (I’ll do a separate post).

I’m typically pretty good at staying on track with exercising but I have to go to great lengths sometimes to make sure I do. I’m not talking about forcing myself to go, I’m talking about logistics. If I fly back home to Michigan I typically don’t have a car so it’s difficult to get to the gym. Also, it’s freezing ass cold up there so I need to pack all of my very cold weather running gear (read: very cold weather running gear is 20 degrees or below vs. cold weather gear, which is 30 degrees and above like we have here in VA). What also hinders my exercise routine? Holiday hours at the gym. Ugh, I hate them. I wanted to go to the University’s gym today (like I do almost every other day) but it was closed through next week. The horror. Alright, so I can understand why they’re closed, there are no students here! But still, it interferes with my routine so I’m pissed. Instead of going to that gym today, I had to go to the community Aquatic and Fitness Center, let’s just call it “S AFC”–which is nice and new by the way–it’s just not my own gym with my own treadmill and cross-training strider that doesn’t completely eff up my knee (I have to stay away from regular ellipticals).

Sorry for the tangent but quick story: A friend of mine was the construction manager on the S AFC and I got to go swim there one night even before it opened.  I was the very first person to swim there 🙂 Of course I took pics

That’s me practicing my diving (I’m really awful actually) and at the top of the slide.

Anyways, back to breaking my exercise routine. S AFC is nice and all, but it has pretty jenky treadmills. I am a self-proclaimed treadmill snob. There are many Precor and Lifefitness treadmills that are nice but just don’t cut it. The S AFC’s treadmills are actually on an incline. Not only can I feel it when I run on them, I’ve investigated and the fronts are higher than the backs. That is not ok with me. Also, if they were going to buy new treadmills, why didn’t they get the ones that have a negative decline feature that allow you to train on downhills? I’m not talking about equipping the entire gym with them (they are more expensive), but at least having one. All my gyms in Boston had them and I was pissed when I found out that nowhere in Cville had them. Here are a few that has the negative decline feature:

The Precor 3.5 Premium Series Treadmill offers a -2 percent decline


The PaceMaster Platinum Pro VR declines to -3 percent

Ok, so now you probably think that I am a control freak in addition to a grinch. I swear I’m not (ok, maybe I am a bit, but only when it comes to when/what I eat and if I can exercise. I’m pretty laid back about everything else, I swear!).

So in honor of breaking routine and defying what all other blogs are posting,  I’m going to post a Hanukkah dinner tonight. Oh, I’ll be providing in depth details of Christmas dinner this weekend, but I am an equal opportunity celebrator 🙂 Tonight I made matzo ball soup and potato latkes (pancakes). YUMMMMMM. If you are wondering what matzo balls are, they are just matzo meal (different grains) rolled into dumplings. Matzo is unleavened bread that is eaten by Jewish people over Passover in the Spring (just looks like big crackers). But when the uncooked grains are put into boiling water or chicken broth they plump up really big and are delicious.

Both of those dishes are a bit difficult to make from scratch so I opted for the boxed matzo ball mix (and used low-sodium chicken broth because the soup mix had sooooo much salt). All I needed was eggs and the chicken broth.

Making the matzo balls was surprisingly easy. All I needed to do was mix the eggs, water, and matzo mix. The balls plumped up really well in the boiling broth

The potato latkes were a bit more difficult just because I never fry anything. I almost couldn’t bring myself to do it, but I used just a tiny bit of oil and they tasted delicious!

Latkes are eaten with sour cream and/or applesauce (my mom always made homemade apple sauce which was delicious!). With the addition of some chicken to the soup for protein and broccoli for nutrition the dinner was really yummy and comforting.

I was actually surprised that the whole dinner was a success (not because I ever mess up my meals, but because I have never made any of this before). So I guess breaking routine can be a good thing sometimes (????). I still need the question marks for that one…

Are you a creature of habit or do you like to mix things up?


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