Not in the mood…yet

While everyone is running around in a crazy good mood and most people have already taken off for the holidays at UVa, I am still here writing my dissertation chapters. Oh joy.

What is it about Christmas where people take off the WHOLE week before and the WHOLE week after? I need to schedule my defense but none of the admin people are working. Some people still have to WORK, ya know?  I know what you’re thinking. What a…

But I’m just not feeling the ho-ho-holiday cheer quite yet. And let me just say Happy Hanukkah to my family and friends (I’ve explained how as a secular humanist I celebrate everything and/or nothing). Time to eat some fatty latkes and gorge on chocolate. Yum.

I also had an appointment this morning with the knee doc.

Instead of get a cortisone shot (that’s still a possibility), he put me on Prednisone for the inflammation. I’ve been on it before so we’ll see if it works. He also mentioned scope surgery but I quickly averted that. I’m willing to try anything first!

Anyways, my sisters and I used to watch this made-for-tv movie from the 1980s, The Christmas Toy. That’ll get me in the holiday spirit!

And I’m going out for a dinner with all my friends at Brookville tonight. Brookville prepares their meals with all fresh, local ingredients and their menu changes all the time. So that should be fun!

Hope you’re having a holly jolly hump day!

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3 Responses to Not in the mood…yet

  1. Carina says:

    Ooh, when I’m on Prednisone I ask someone to move any mildly unhealthy food out of my house — that stuff makes me eat like a horse! I bet the long holiday vacations are even worse in C’vle (or any other university town). Anyway, I’m “working remotely” this week but I’ve noticed with my new job that unlike any job I’ve had before, most of the people I am managing cases for ARE at work. Most of them are in professions where there is no such thing as a day off or an hour off. If they’re not working, someone else is. And it’s kind of nice b/c I can work like it’s any other week. But retaining an attorney to defend them is a bit tougher — they’re all on vacation!

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