Good, Bad, and the Depressing

For some crazy reason tonight I have bad anxiety. Sometimes I just get anxious for no apparent reason and tonight is just one of those cases. Perhaps it’s because I’m trying to finalize some dissertation proposal stuff before Thursday or that I’ve been worrying about the holidays? Don’t know…so I’m going to keep this post text light and picture heavy.

1. I went to get my hair done today. I know, I know, how exciting is that? Well, I wanted something a little bit different so I got a bit of a red/auburn thing going on a la Emma Stone (when she has a darker red). I really like it!

On you can upload a picture of yourself and “try on” celeb hair colors and styles. It’s called their Hollywood Hair Virtual Makeover. Guys can do it too! I may or may not have tried on President Obama’s do 😉 This is me with Emma Stone’s exact hair from the picture on the far left. And that’s what I got today!

 2. Even though I have a bit of red in my hair now, I can still rock this t-shirt

Ain’t that the truth 😉

3. I found this image, “The World According to Michigan”, which uses all of the city/region nicknames 🙂 I’m from A2 (aka the Deuce aka Ann Arbor)

4. I spent this past weekend up in D.C. My friend Claire was so nice to invite me up to her family’s Christmas party. It was such a great time! We drank, ate, and danced. And I also got to meet the other half of the huge group I am celebrating NYE with this year (we’ve rented a large ski in/ski out house at Snowshoe, WV)

5. After the Christmas party on Saturday, I spent Sunday shopping and walking. And surprise, surprise, my knee is effed up again. It hurts when I walk, sit, stand, whenever. And it’s big and swollen 😦 So I called Dr. Wilder to see if I can get in for an emergency appointment this week. Lucky for me, there was a cancellation so I’ve got one on Wednesday. I really REALLY need to run over the holidays to keep me sane (and to keep my endurance) so I am hoping for a cortisone shot. I know: cortisone is bad. But I’ve only had one other one in August and it helped me run FOR MONTHS after. I’m sure we will also revisit the subject of surgery. So here’s another 😦

So there you have it. The good, the bad, and the depressing.

Do you get anxiety? What do you do to alleviate it?

Have you done the holiday party circuit? 

Did you almost get trampled while shopping/at the mall like I did recently? 

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3 Responses to Good, Bad, and the Depressing

  1. Carina says:

    Eee, I had a cortisone shot to get me through a marathon and it was bad. Got me through the race, but I think I ended up doing more damage and it took fo-evah to recover.

    • You’re right, if you run through an injury after getting a cortisone shot I wouldn’t think it’d be good. But sadly the cortisone shot I got in August was the only thing that finally calmed the inflammation down in my knee so I could begin to build up my mileage again. It doesn’t matter how much icing I did (or do now), without the shot my knee would’ve stayed swollen and I wouldn’t have ever been able to start running again. So I think you walk a fine line with getting one (and I know you’re only supposed to get 2-3 max per year). Not sure what other option I have… 😦 Poop.

      • Carina says:

        Sorry to hear it. After I got mine, it was nearly 2 years before I was able run long distance again (well, part of that 2 years might have been just getting lazy!). I also meant to say that I love the purple dress you wore to the party — it’s a great color on you and looks so good in the pictures. I like black dresses a lot, but the color is so beautiful at holiday parties!

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