New Flavor

Look what I found at the RnRLV expo. A new (well, new to me) flavor of GU, Chocolate Raspberry! I’m adding it to the rotation with my current fave, Jet Blackberry (you’ve read about my love of this flavor many times over) and my other go-tos. The only problem? It doesn’t have caffeine. It could be good for a run under 13 miles though…

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4 Responses to New Flavor

  1. Sky says:

    I’m of the Clif persuasion, and Chocolate Cherry is awesome, PLUS, 2x caffeine! Vanilla is the best tasting in my opinion… tastes like frosting.

  2. Hmmm….Clif…not sure about that 😉 I swear Jet Blackberry GU tastes like fresh blackberries (with a hint of chocolate) and it also has 2x the caffeine. But chocolate cherry sounds pretty amazing so I am always willing to try new things! I used to take the GU Roctane Vanilla Orange and swore it tasted like vodka, lol (I actually liked it). It’s since been replaced with other flavors.

  3. Idlehide says:

    the only GU gel I tried was strawberry banana and it almost made me gag. Then during my half marathon in October I felt sick towards the end of my run after eating GU chomps, but they taste so good! Did you ever try the strawberry banana flavour, I could have just picked a bad flavour. I may have to try the blackberry:)

    • I know that certain GUs do not sit well with me. I used to take the vanilla one all the time but now I have some GI probs when I take it. They all have the same amount of sugar, but certain flavors sit better with me than others. I also rarely take any Gatorade or Cytomax because it is just too much sugar overload for my stomach. I just stick with water (or I water down my gatorade). Maybe that was the problem? I’ve never tried the strawberry banana flavor so maybe I’ll try it out and let you know!

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