Never Before Seen Race Photos

I couldn’t sleep tonight so I had a great idea: to look up race photos from past races. I was amazed at how many I found, even from races years ago! Many of these pictures I had never seen before (somehow I overlooked the email saying there were photos) and some of them I hadn’t seen in a long, long time. Some are hideously ugly. And I obviously love to make a peace sign while running (my left hand/arm also turns into a strange t-rex arm sometimes, not sure why) 😉 There were many races I looked up where the pictures had expired, so that was a bummer. But I’m ecstatic at the amount I was able to find.  Here they are in order earlier to most recent race

Super 5k (Superbowl Sunday 5k), February 2008

 Shamrocks and Shenanigans, March 2008

Martian Meteor 10k, April 2008

I'm gonna get you kid!

Run Fit 5k, April 2008



Chicago Marathon October 2008

Charlottesville Fall Classic 10k, October 2008 (when I visited Charlottesville for the first time and became acquainted with the hills that I would have to run on once I moved here)

Wrentham Duathlon April 2009

Sheriffs Triathlon, May 2009

IronGirl Triathlon (my first!), May 2009

Caught me walking after the race...what is that FACE I'm making?

Rainbow Run 5k, June 2009

#1 for being the first woman (back when I was speedy)

Approaching the finish line, where a drag queen awaited

Greater Clarksburg 10k, June 2009

That was one bitch of a course (if you ever want to do something humbling, run in the mountains of West Virginia)

Run to Read 15k, July 2009

In the pouring rain

Boston Marathon, April 2010

Feeling the hills of Newton

Decker’s Creek Half Marathon, June 2010

Shamrock Marathon, March 2011

Happy Hands

Richmond Monument 10k, April 2011

There's that weird left hand thing!

Can you spot me at the finish? (hint: double peace sign) 🙂

White Lake Half Ironman, May 2011

Shenandoah Tri for the Y, June 2011

The photographer caught me taking pics for my blog

Mission Man Triathlon, July 2011

Richmond Capitol 10 Miler, October 2011

There's that weird t-rex arm/hand thing!

Rock n Roll Las Vegas Half Marathon, December 2011

Now that you’ve seen some of my embarrassing photos you should go out and search the web for some of yours (I’m sure there are pics of you out there that you forgot of!).

I noticed that I’m doing one of the following in my pics: making a peace sign, holding a water bottle, or having a strange t-rex hand/arm motion going on. Do you have any unique features that show up on your race pics? 

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3 Responses to Never Before Seen Race Photos

  1. Idlehide says:

    Very Cool! You have done a lot of races. I am hoping to get accepted for next year’s NYC Marathon. I’ll be looking to you for motivation to run a full:)
    Check out my link here to see my recap on the races I’ve done:

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