2011 Race Recap

2011 was a bittersweet year for me in terms of running and racing. It all started so well, with my training for the Shamrock Marathon in March (and that is when I started the blog!) and the White Lake Half Ironman (my first) in May,  but took a turn for the worst in June when I tore the articular cartilage under my knee cap.  As a result the second half of the year was dedicated to active recovery and building up my mileage again while allowing my knee joint to adjust and recover.  I had carefully build up my mileage to be able to run 15miles, but after last weekend’s 10k trail run, my knee is very much back to where it was in September: a bit swollen and hurting. So I’m a tad disappointed that I am ending the year on a bit of a set back.

But I want to focus on the positive from the year:

I ran one marathon: The Shamrock Marathon, March, Virginia Beach, VA

I ran one half marathon: Rock n Roll Las Vegas Half, December, Las Vegas, NV

I ran one 10 miler, the Richmond Capitol 10 miler, October, Richmond, VA

I ran 2 10ks (both in Richmond, VA): Monument 10k in Richmond, April, and the Powhatan Christmas Tree 10k trail race, December

I ran one 5k (it’s amazing that I ran any at all…I don’t typically sign up for these anymore), the Vine to Wine 5k in June.

purchased a tri bike and raced my first half ironman, the White Lake Half Ironman in May.

I completed multiple sprint and olympic triathlons, including…

The Y-Tri Challenge (an indoor triathlon in March), Lynchburg, VA

The Shenandoah Tri for the Y (18.4 miles), June, Waynesboro, VA

The Mission Man Triathlon (18.6 miles), July, Burlington, NC

The Culpepper Triathlon (19.4 miles), end of July, Culpepper, VA

Overall it was an ok year. I had some victories and some setbacks. I had planned on running another full marathon but with the knee injury it just wasn’t feasible. As a result, I am trying my hardest to be positive as I look forward to my race schedule in 2012.

Here are some races I plan on tackling in 2012 (the races with an asterisk are tentative!)

*Murtle Beach Marathon (or half), February 18

Williamsburg Colonial Half, February 26

Irish Sprint 10k, March 17

Charlottesville 10 Miler, March 31

Pittsburgh Marathon, May 6

Marine Corps Half Marathon, May 20

Decker’s Creek Half Trail Marathon, June 2

VA/NC Tri Series (Still deciding on races through Set Up Events), Summer 2012

Marine Corps Marathon

*New York City Marathon (fingers crossed!)

Was 2011 a good training/racing year for you? What races do you have planned for 2012? 

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5 Responses to 2011 Race Recap

  1. Sky says:

    2011 was a great year for me. Sure it wasn’t *all* good, but overall I am very happy. It was a year of many firsts. I got into triathlons this year, that demanded that I first learn to swim. I really caught the triathlon bug and ended up doing 2 sprints, 2 olympics, 1 half, and ending the year with an Ironman. I also ran a successful 50K, and completed a very ugly 100K. Throw in an epic 180K bike ride in western MA (a bit of southern VT too), and it was a very busy year. I had help and motivation from latching on to several different groups. My social life (and to a very minor extent career) took a hit; ask my friends. I hope to find a better balance in 2012.

    • Awesome! You’ve done so much in the past year! I would love to get into ultras (and was planning on it) if my knee could just get better! And I definitely hear ya on the balance between training/racing and social life. You can’t–and don’t want to–give up either so it’s important to find some sort of balance. I used to race a lot more than I do now. Cutting back on the the number of races I do each year helps…but I have to admit that I find myself wishing I was doing more races

  2. Idlehide says:

    Fingers crossed for you for the NYC Marathon! I am crossing mine as well, I am still waiting for an e-mail letting me know I can apply. Maybe we’ll both get accepted!

    You have accomplished so much in 2011! You should be really proud of yourself:)

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