Please tell me how this benefits me

It doesn’t. Like I am able to buy a plane ticket and fly all the way out from the east coast to Arizona to run that race. The flights are at least $500 and the race would still cost $100, even with the $50 discount.

BUT, this discount could benefit someone reading this blog. If you live somewhat close to Arizona and want to run this race by all means use this discount code. 

Why not give us a $50 discount to any RnR race of our choice (I’m thinking D.C. in March, which is a short 2 hour drive from here). I’m sure that Competitor Group offered this knowing full well that most people would not be able to utilize it and thus they would not lose much money (actually, it’s more like they wouldn’t make as much money…let’s be honest here, no one is losing money).

That’s all for my Tuesday rant. Been putting together grades all day for the community college class I teach so I’m pretty worn out. I’ll hopefully have a more upbeat and fun post tomorrow…

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2 Responses to Please tell me how this benefits me

  1. Carina says:

    Oh, that was certainly their strategy. I especially like how they reference a beneficiary for the AZ race — clearly in response to the many runners who said that as a for-profit company that produces races, competitor should be held to a high standard. The biggest clusterf marathon I ever ran (Chicago 07) didn’t even offer a $5 credit to another race or the following year’s marathon. They just cancelled it partway through and never even really apologized for their many failures. Some credit and apology (even if both are fairly useless) is still something I suppose…

  2. Wow, when I saw that email I figured everyone got one for a race near them…that’s horrible!! Convenient for me – not so much for you.

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