Tis the Season

For holiday parties!!! I love big soirees during the holidays 🙂 Yesterday I got a chance to go the Hook’s holiday party at The Jefferson Theater. The Hook is one of Charlottesville’s weekly newspaper (the largest independent paper in Central Virginia). It was a big party with an open bar, full dinner spread, live band/dj, and prize raffle. I wore a simple black wrap dress, some maroon tights, and black pumps–and I quickly realized that I was underdressed (which I hated because I LOVE a chance to get all dressed up!)

They also had a photo booth with a professional photographer. Never one to turn down an opportunity for some cheesy pics in a photo booth, I forced my group to get some. I haven’t had a chance to scan these in yet (they gave us paper copies), so I did the next best thing: took pictures of the pictures for your viewing pleasure.

It started so innocently

And my friend Claire and I (yes, two Claires), got one extra one with one of the costumed distribution boys. He was dressed as Elmo. I have no idea why, but just check out Elmo’s eyes in this beauty

Yep, Elmo’s getting an eye full 😉 We laughed over this picture for probably an hour. And then we partied some more

My camera was on a weird setting so don't worry, I am not missing half of my head 😉

Catching t-shirts they threw out from the stage

After the official party ended we headed to Ten for the after party, which had a dj. It was a ton of fun!

I’ve decided because I stayed out late last night that tonight is a girls night. Sophie and I are watching Easy A. You can tell how excited she was when I told her earlier this evening

Who you calling Easy?

Well, I really like Emma Stone, so I can’t wait.

Up early for the Christmas Tree 10K! Hope you have a great weekend!

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