RnRLV Course Pics FAIL

Have you noticed my new header?? Not sure how I feel about it yet…I really love that picture I had before, of me taking a pic out of a car window of the gorgeous Blue Ridge Mountains. I might bring it back, I might not. I think this header gives readers a better idea of what my blog is about right off the bat, so we’ll see.

Now, it’s back to the grind: dissertating, teaching, and grading.

This will be my last post on the run in Vegas. My blog has been inundated lately on this same topic and I’m ready–as I’m sure you are–to move along to something new.

As I said before, this was the first time I have run with a camera! I had no idea how the pictures would turn out because I didn’t stop to take any (I don’t know how some people do that! I saw a lot of people taking their sweet time to set up pictures…when I get out there I want to RUN, ya know?). The sights were exciting and varied from the strip, to the Little White Wedding Chapel, to the spectators. The only portion of the course that wasn’t very scenic was from miles 5-8, or certain sections of the downtown Vegas run. Much of it was chintzy shops or residential neighborhoods. But the whole course couldn’t be glitz, glamor, and lights right?

So I should’ve known that most of the pictures would not turn out. If it was a daytime race I think I would’ve had a lot more luck. So I’ll call it: my running camera was a fail. Here are a few pics from that course that did turn out (including ones of me from the official race photos):

Blues Brothers cover playing at starting line

Getting hyped up to run in the corrals

I liked this woman's shirt ๐Ÿ™‚

The volunteers at this water stop had great signs!

The run through wedding chapel!! There was a line of runners waiting to be wed!

Probably one of my favorite parts of the course that I did not capture by camera (I had already taken all of my pics on my wimpy disposable by that point) was the fountain at the Bellagio. On my run back down to the finish line, around miles 11-12, the fountain was going off (it only goes off every 15 minutes so it was timed perfectly). I was jamming out to Paradise by Coldplay and it was just one of those AMAZING running moments.

If you don’t run to this song, you should!

Here are some shots of me from the official race photogs:

If you ran the RnRLV full or half course, what was your favorite part?ย 

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9 Responses to RnRLV Course Pics FAIL

  1. Idlehide says:

    I love the new header. I liked the out-the-car-window header too, but I give this one a 10!

  2. Carina says:

    OMG — the race looks even more crowded than I imagined!

    I’m torn on the headers — like both a lot.

    I think if you search on my blog for something like White Rock Marathon in pictures, you’ll see my one attempt at photographing a marathon. I can say that daylight helps a lot. Mine were nothing too special, but most were fairly clear.

  3. Hi Claire! I just found your blog through “My Race, My Story.” Love what you’ve got going on over here. And LOVE that Coldplay song. Always picks me up during a run! Great job in Vegas (especially getting through those crowds…that looked awful!).

  4. The Race was NUTSO!! I was seriously disappointed in the crowds and the lack of bands along the way…the most excited part for me was the hilarious girls with the crazy “I’ve got stamina signs” (why can’t I ever think of clever stuff like that!). BTW – great race photos – I always look like Quasimodo in mine.

    • You are SO right! I forgot to include the fact that there were only a few bands along the way (and I heard they packed up early or something like that). BTW, I have many, many race pics that I choose not to share because I look like a total goober, so I’m sure yours look great. Or we should collaborate and put together a post of absolutely ridiculous race pics of us (seriously, I have a ton lol)

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