Christmas Tree 10k

What better opportunity is there to “detox” from last weekend’s Rock n Roll Las Vegas Half Marathon than a 10k trail run? A field of 300 runners surrounded by nature couldn’t be more opposite than the 44,000 runner craziness I participated in last Sunday. So when I saw the Powhatan Christmas Tree 10k Run this Saturday not far from Charlottesville (closer to Richmond, about 45 minutes away) I jumped on it and signed up. For $30 I get a race bib, gloves, and a tech shirt. Sweet!

The 10k distance will be perfect because it is half the distance I did on Sunday and I can just use it to ease back into things (sometimes I only do a long run every other week). I will most likely do a 15 miler the weekend after. The course weaves through a forest, around a lake, and then by a Christmas tree farm!!

The race looks nice because it is all on trails, is hilly (much different than LV), and can help me get into the holiday spirit. Not that I haven’t already…

You can see that I have both a x-mas tree and a menorah. I am a very secular person; actually I consider myself a secular humanist (which focuses on the good of humanity without discussing God outright), but that doesn’t mean I don’t celebrate holidays! I was brought up Jewish, so I obviously have to have a menorah to celebrate Hanukkah. I don’t want to spend and arm and a leg for a real, nice one so I have a wooden puzzle one that you can put together 🙂

I also have a small x-mas tree with some random ornaments and a little santa bean bag my sister bought for me a few years ago. He sits at the very top!

So it’s on to a running detox and celebrating the holiday season!

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