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A few weeks ago I picked up my monthly issue of Runner’s World (I know, I should probably just subscribe already) and ran across a really inspirational story. The December issue highlighted regular old readers, like myself, who love to run and read the magazine.

One of the runners featured was Ben Davis (he’s in the middle on the cover above), a young guy who has lost 120 pounds through running and whose 5 minute Youtube video gave him overnight fame. If you haven’t seen it yet, you can watch it here:

His motto? “If you want to do it, all you have to do is do it.”

I–like thousands others– was touched by his story and went to his blog,  While I enjoy reading his blog because it chronicles his weigh-ins (not so relevant for me) and his races (that’s what I like to read!), I really like it because its message is in many ways similar to mine. To “do life” is akin to going on a “living spree”. Both relate to living your life to its fullest every day. To take advantage of all opportunities and never take anything for granted.

That mindset is not always easy to have. There are so many challenges and difficulties in life and it’s easy to feel overwhelmed and down. This especially true for me during the winter months. Don’t get me wrong, I love winter time and I can’t imagine living somewhere where it is warm all year round and there are no change of seasons. I just deal with some Seasonal Affective Disorder (SAD) and feel noticeably more down during the months of November–February. I have to constantly tell myself to be grateful for everything I have. It is a fight every single day.

So when I saw that Ben sells shirts to help support his business (Do Life Movement), which allows him to travel, participate in races, and spread his story, I was all about it. Plus, they’re cute! I ordered a small long-sleeve gray t-shirt with a woman runner and the “do life” motto. It came within days and fit perfectly! And it is just one more reminder for me to live life to its fullest every day.

I wore it before running the Rock n Roll Las Vegas Half this past weekend (I was afraid I was going to be bummed that I was only running the half when all I want to do is run full marathons again). I actually never felt sorry for myself that I had to run the half because of my knee injury. I was just happy and excited to be there 🙂

I’m open to any other recommendations to try to be grateful and live in the moment. Yoga? Meditation? Running (something I’m not doing already)? Anything!

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2 Responses to Do Life

  1. Carina says:

    Yoga might be good, so of course I’d recommend that, but I’ve always thought the best thing I can do to remind myself to be grateful for my good fortune, many blessings, etc., and to live in the moment is to help others. Working regularly with those who need it is I think the most rewarding thing you can do. And the odd thing is, so many of the people I’ve met through charity work (and don’t read that to sound like I’ve done a lot, I haven’t and I should do much more) — people who seem to have so little and have so many problems and barriers — is that they are in many ways happier and more grateful for their few blessings than many people I know who have so much. Working with people who are hungry, addicted or have other major medical problems reminds me how grateful I am to be able to run, and working with kids reminds me how grateful I am to have had good teachers, gone to good schools (not least of which was U.Va. of course!), etc.

    • That is so true, isn’t it? In 2008 I backpacked through Costa Rica with my sister and we stayed in the middle of the jungle with this family in a one room house. They were so incredibly happy and had very little material possessions! I also realize that after I stopped teaching high school I’ve been missing that intangible reward I got from helping 120+ students directly every day. Great advice, I should definitely get back into helping others more!

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