Rock n Roll Vegas Expo

What I failed to mention earlier is that I had to get up at 6:30 am this morning for a conference call (9:30 EST). So I’m not gonna lie: I’ve been a zombie all day. When I finally got out of bed, we headed over to the race expo, which is at the Sands Expo center right behind the Palazzo. That is really close to where we are staying (I’ll share pics of our amazing room soon) so we just walked. The Palazzo and Venetian have beautiful Christmas displays up right now so we took our time and meandered through the shops

When we got there the craziness ensued. I always love checking out all the gear and booths. Of course we also had to take the requisite bib pics (and some other cheesy snaps)

Oh, by the way, my friend Sarah is running her first half marathon! 🙂

 And I thought I’d be really disappointed when I came to pic up my marathon bib (because I have to run the half due to the injury), but it really hasn’t bothered me much (yet…)


We are dorks

Tonight we are having some room service and relaxing before we are off to the Chandelier Bar and Marquee Club at The Cosmopolitan. Have a great Friday night!

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