What Happens in Vegas….

Stays here. Or, well, goes on the blog.

I’ve only been here 2 days and I’m already feeling like this










Probably because I’ve gone out until 3am every night and have just over indulged in everything. So far I’ve…

Almost gotten blown away from the crazy winds on top of the Palms on the Ghostbar balcony

Partied with the Playboy bunnies

Gotten down with some newlyweds

Taken nasty shots from this whore

 Played beer pong at the club next to the go-go dancers

And I’ve still got two nights to go!! Then I’ll try to drag my tired, hungover ass down this amazing course

Vegas Rock n Roll Half Marathon Course

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5 Responses to What Happens in Vegas….

  1. Lauren says:

    Looks like fun! lol Cudos to all this fun right before your run… I know I couldn’t do it!

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