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Winter “Break” Thus Far

I had to put break in quotations because I am actually working on my dissertation today through Thursday before I drive to Snowshoe for our NYE weekend extravaganza! Let’s do a short recap in pictures shall we? While I’ve eaten … Continue reading

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Merry Christmas Indeed

Today was my idea of a perfect Christmas Slept in until noon Drank my coffee with a cookie dough protein Luna Bar Opened presents And got a Garmin! Now I know I said I would probably never wear one…but I … Continue reading

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I’m a creature of habit

I can explain yesterday’s post. I know what you’re thinking, especially because almost every other blog (well the girlie, food/fitness blogs) are all about the holiday cheer…I really am a grinch! But I swear I have an explanation. I am … Continue reading

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Not in the mood…yet

While everyone is running around in a crazy good mood and most people have already taken off for the holidays at UVa, I am still here writing my dissertation chapters. Oh joy. What is it about Christmas where people take … Continue reading

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Good, Bad, and the Depressing

For some crazy reason tonight I have bad anxiety. Sometimes I just get anxious for no apparent reason and tonight is just one of those cases. Perhaps it’s because I’m trying to finalize some dissertation proposal stuff before Thursday or … Continue reading

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Holiday Cheer

On my way up to D.C. for some shopping and a holiday party 🙂 Passed this tree last night in downtown Cville on the way to the bar. It’s basically like 5 trees put together. And yes, I am a … Continue reading

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The Great Whoopie Pie Fiasco of 2011

I had a major baking FAIL yesterday. Although I’m pretty good at sticking to cooking 4 days a week and I don’t typically ruin my cooked dinners, I am not a baker (the only recipe that I consistently get right is … Continue reading

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