Gobble Gobble

WOOOAH, it’s been almost exactly a week since my last post. So sorry for the absence, I spent the last week driving up to Michigan, hanging with the fam for Thanksgiving, and driving all the way back down. When I got back, I was just so pooped that I did nothing but sleep and eat 🙂 I’m leaving for Vegas in less than 72 hours (WOOHOOoooo!) so I’ve also been running around like crazy trying to get all my work done.

So a recap of Turkey Day weekend:

You didn’t misread what I wrote above. I drove. It takes about 9 1/2 hours for me because I drive super fast. I literally cannot drive slower than 80…I’m just a speedster what can I say. The drive up seemed to go on FOREVER, probably because I went out the night before and was super tired/dehydrated.

I had to slow down for the pic!!!!

The chubby one slept the whole time so I had no company :-/


Finally a sign to Ann Arbor in Toledo, OH

And FINALLY in "Pure" Michigan (with its usual dreary winter weather)

When I got back to my parents house it was non-stop action, with cooking and ooohing and ahhhing over my 3-month old niece.

A Happy Girl (this picture will forever make me uber happy)


Tummy Time

I helped to make some roasted brussel sprouts with bacon. Mmmmm


And of course we had to take a family pic before digging in

 Finally we were ready to eat. Here are some of the highlights in addition to the brussel sprouts

My grandma's famous sweet-potatoes

Kugel (an amazing Jewish noodle casserole)

And of course turkey and veggies

We also had salad, rolls, jello, and two different kinds of stuffing (the stuffing from the turkey is my absolute favorite…I dream about it all year long)! A separate dessert table had all the pies, brownies, and crisps you can imagine

Me with the feast and the beast 🙂

Sophie and my parent's french bulldog Zinnie were all tuckered out by the excitement (and from eating all the food that was slipped to them beneath the table)

What a great meal!!

I spent the rest of the weekend sleeping, writing, and driving. Not too exciting but I knew that I’d be leaving for Vegas soon, so I rested up.

Did I mention that I leave for VEGAS in a little over a day????? Off to get more work done before leaving…will be sure to post at least a few more times before jetting off to the city of sin 🙂

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3 Responses to Gobble Gobble

  1. Hmm… can you share that Kugel recipe (post-Vegas, when sanity returns)? Looks awesome! Have fun getting ready for your next trip. Glad you had a good Thanksgiving.

  2. The pups look so cute together! I love both savory and sweet Kugel… mmm.

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