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According to a new article from Sports Illustrated on the Rock and Roll race series and the first ever Strip At Night race in vegas, “The race in Las Vegas debuted in 2009 with 28,000 runners, then proved its sustainability with another 28,000 in 2010. By bumping the race to Sunday evening this year and creating what should be a remarkable atmosphere under the Vegas lights (the race’s website is called, the entries increased to 44,000 and made it the third largest long-distance event in the U.S. behind the New York and Chicago marathons”

I’ve run the Chicago marathon and let me tell you, that is A LOT of people!

You can read this article here

Woohoo VEGAS…Can’t wait!!!


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3 Responses to Check It

  1. Carina says:

    RNR does the corrals and wave start, so maybe (maybe, maybe??) it won’t feel as packed as Chicago and NY, but that’s a ton of people!

  2. I want to do that one so bad, my cousin lives near there and was going to do it with me too, but I have to run my kid back and forth to the Christmas production he’s in…bummer. I think a night one would be awesome! Have fun and good luck. BTW, I got your email and I’m super excited. Thanks so much!! Jessica

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