15 Miles For the Win

2 weeks (well, now 1 week and 6 days) exactly until the R n R Vegas Marathon/Half!!!

I did my last “long” run last night after spending the whole day at the library. By the way, if you’re ever feeling a lack of motivation to run, spend the whole day at the library and you’ll be ready to bust out and move your legs πŸ™‚

By the time I started my run it was pretty late–around 7pm–and it was already dark. I knew I should probably run on the treadmill but it was SOOO nice out (60s and no wind). I decided to go splitsies and run 2.5 miles around the gym and then run the rest on the treadmill. I was really only planning on running 14, because that was the next step up after my last long run of 13.1….but once I got to 11 miles on the TM, I said “what the hell” and finished another mile and a half for a total of 15 miles.

This was most likely my last long run in these 2150s….my babies. They will now be relegated to the ever-growing used running shoe pile at home (I should really get my act together and donate them)!

I’ve got these 2160s beauts on standby, ready to be worn-in

The subsequent ice bath was especially uncomfortable (maybe because it was so late at night)?

Hating the world right now

Either way, I’m so happy that I’m done with the long run for the week and only have one more 10-12 miler before the race. I keep getting emails from RnR telling about the size of the race (44,000 people this year…it’s gonna be a shit show!). Eh, I’ll probably show up half drunk/hungover anyways πŸ™‚

Have a great start to your turkey week!!!

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6 Responses to 15 Miles For the Win

  1. Carina says:

    Nice job on the 15! Enjoy your taper. My big suggestions for over-the-hill shoes: of course donate some, but it seems lots of us have lots of leftover pairs, so here are a few things I’ve done. I keep one pair at each of the 3 houses I travel to visit most frequently during the year (family and in-laws) and then I don’t have to pack a pair and I have extra room in my suitcase. Also, at my husband’s request, I keep a pair in my trunk. That’s nice for me on the very rare times I go straight from somewhere other than home to go run and I’ve forgotten to pack shoes (actually, I don’t know if I’ve ever done that, but could happen), but he thought it was a good idea as part of our “disaster preparedness” plan — as in, if there’s some major earthquake or other disaster and I’m unable to drive home from work or wherever I am, I won’t have to make the trek in my occasionally stylish work shoes/heels. Instead I’d have the tennis shoes if I needed them. And then donate the rest…

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