Turkey Trots and Blow Outs

Julie was so kind as to include a picture of me looking like a goober with a blow-up turkey at last year’s Detroit  Turkey Trot 10k, so head over and check it out on PBFingers!! I’ve been having an absolutely lousy week at work and just some other bad luck stuff (car, credit card fraud, dealing with an ongoing mysterious sickness…ya know the usual things that make your week crappy), so this made my day!!!!!!! Thanks Julie! 🙂

I swear I “clean up” well when I’m not posing with a turkey and dressed in ridiculous layers to battle the freezing cold that is Detroit in winter. Side note: I always get the “you clean up well!” thing from people. I guess that means I have no natural beauty and I must do my hair and wear makeup all the time. I’m not disagreeing…this is probably why I spend many of my days at home writing because I’m too lazy to “clean up” to go out in public, haha.

Sometimes it’s nice to pay someone to help you “clean up”. Last weekend I mentioned that I went to  Blow Salon, the New York Blow Dry Bar that was voted best blow out by Vogue, InStyle, Allure & New York Magazine. My twin sister decided to schedule us appointments before we went out on Saturday night (and she covered mine for my birthday). For $60 you get a shampoo/condition, professional blow out, and styling of your choice (curls, rollers, straightener). If you just want a blow out the cost is $40 (if you have short to medium length hair like me). You can also opt for a more “glam” option like an updo.

 The salon also sells its own line of products. And let me tell you, after your hair is voluminous, shiny, and beautiful, you’ll start to think about buying them!

  I decided to get my hair curled with the curling iron in addition to the blow out and my stylist did an amazing job! Here is the finished product (sans makeup):

And it held up at the bars into the wee hours of the morning

 I would totally splurge every once in a while to get this blow out if we had one of these salons in Cville!

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3 Responses to Turkey Trots and Blow Outs

  1. What a fun pampering treatment!

  2. Claire says:

    I can’t believe I didn’t know about your blog before! I am a fellow “Claire”!! I saw that Julie @ PBFingers posted your picture that you submitted right above mine…how funny! I am going to start reading, your blog looks right up my alley!

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