From sick —> super



Excuse my absence friends. I spent the last 3 days in NYC with my twinsie and college bestie celebrating our bdays. Suffice to say last night’s shenanigans in the Lower East were on point with our usual weekends of debauchery 🙂

But before I made it up to the City (on the train!) I got sick. It was one of those strange bad illnesses that come on strongly but thankfully run their course quickly. Wednesday and Thursday I was miserable. I literally fell off the face of the earth. The 13.1 mile training run I had last Tuesday probably left my body a bit vulnerable. I actually haven’t run at all since then…that’s almost a week, yikes! Well I’ll jump on that bandwagon tomorrow…2 1/2 weeks til VEGAS!

Recap of the weekend to come. Hope you’re all well.

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