29 Years Young

Get ready for a long post y’all…

It is official. As of today, I am 29 years young.  I know, I know…to all you 24 year olds out there that seems old. But I swear that time just flies in your 20s. You know that old adage…time flies when you’re having fun (i.e. running, partying, sleeping late, building a career, traveling the world, etc). Here’s a little trip down memory lane from my childhood…

My mom and dad with us twins...and the best 70s green couch ever 🙂

I'm the one on the right (the cat)

What’s cool about birthdays is that I share them with my other half (literally, my other half), my identical twin sister Becky. So we can always celebrate (or commiserate) as we get older. Such was the case this past weekend in NYC. Becky just moved to the City this past month for an impressive job managing the Dove skincare line. She lives with her boyfriend in Chelsea in the nicest apartment. I’m sure you know this, but life in NYC is tough. Everything is ridiculously expensive and even little things, like having a new apartment with a washer/dryer, are luxuries. My sister’s new home goes above and beyond, with a gym in her building (an actual gym, not just a workout room!) and the most amazing rooftop deck you’ve ever seen!

Becky's rooftop deck

Ummm….baller!!!!!!! Can I just say that if there is anything positive about being 29, it’s that you feel you’ve finally–for lack of a better word–arrived. We’re not kids anymore..we can still go out and have fun, drink, and do all that but life is also just better! No more nasty college domiciles 🙂

After taking the train from Charlottesville to the City on Friday morning (it took about 6 hours, but I slept the whole time) I was ready for a whole weekend of indulgence. And my sister had a lot of fun planned. It started out with manicures and back massages and a little shopping. We stayed in Friday night because we knew Saturday would be crazy. During the day Saturday we got some brunch at Le Grainne Cafe, a french bistro in Chelsea that had yummy food (think crepes!)

After our scrumptious brunch

After brunch we hoofed it to Soho to check out some amazing shops (seriously, we have nothing even close to that here!). We couldn’t stay long because my sister had made an appointment for us to get our hair blown out (her present to me 🙂 ). We went to Blow, a salon that only does blow outs and styling. Seriously, seriously fun.  Just plain amazing. I am going to do a separate post on this experience because it was so cool, but you can see how my hair turned out in the pics below (it fell a bit by the end of the night but the curls really held!)

After our appointment it was back to her apartment to finish getting ready for dinner, drinks, and dancing.

Dinner was at a bistro close to her place because it would have been really difficult to make an appointment for 12 people at a very nice place on a Saturday night. But the food (and company) was great! The bottles of wine just kept flowing for hours 🙂

My sister and one of my best college friends, Jackie, who also lives in the City

On me: Top: Zara (new!); Necklace: Loft (my sister's); Skirt: Gap; Shoes: Sam Endelman "Javi" Demi-Wedges. On my sis: Top: Zara; Skirt: Diane Von Furstenburg

To go with our bottomless glasses of wine, the table shared some of the following (in addition to our entrees)

A corn dog tree appetizer (no joke!)

Pita and hummus in shopping carts

Scallops with figs

And the coolest birthday desert: chocolate and caramel fondue plates

Bday girls high fives

After dinner we headed over to the Lower East Side for some crazy nightlife. If you’re not familiar with that neighborhood, it is full of really fun, funky bars with great music and dancing (hidden dance floors, creative themes). Ludlow Street has many of the bars and is packed with 20 and 30-somethings out for a good time. We went to Los Feliz, an awesome tequila bar with multiple levels of dancing and music. You can check out the great nightlife options off Ludlow, here

Bday Party Girls!

After a lateee night I wasn’t ready to get up and take the train back to the ‘ville, but I had such a great time it was totally worth it. And weekends like these make getting older a bit easier 😉

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8 Responses to 29 Years Young

  1. Kath says:

    You are two gorgeous birthday girls! What a neat dinner presentation!

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  3. amy says:

    Happy late birthday. I just found your blog.

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