News On All Fronts

Welcome back from the weekend party people!

I have some fun news to share regarding different aspects of my life–fitness, professional, etc–but first a recap of yesterday.

After waking up relatively late yesterday after the Afterglow party, I knew I had to get down to business. I worked on grading some papers (kinda boring), writing a chapter in my dissertation (not boring but not exciting), and went to the gym (one of the best parts of my day!) I don’t know why, but I keep putting off my long run. I meant to do it yesterday but instead went to the gym and ran 3 miles and did 20 minutes on the “strider” elliptical (the one with no incline…better for my knee). And then today I meant to go, but got a bit bogged down in work. If I don’t report that I have run at least 12 miles by COB tomorrow I want someone reading this blog to send me a harshly worded letter or write a comment telling me to get my ass in gear. Only 3 weeks til VEGAS!!!!

After the gym yesterday I sauntered over to the new clothing boutique, Bevello, in Barrack’s Road Mall.

There, while looking through the amazing racks of clothing by the likes of BCBG, Michael Kors, French Connection, and Collective Concepts (to name a few), I met the super nice and helpful store manager Becky. Let me just say that if you live in the area and haven’t been to Bevello yet…what are you waiting for???? Not only do they have super cute clothes and accessories for all occasions, but the girls that work there really want to help you! How amazingly refreshing πŸ™‚ If you don’t live nearby (here or any of their other locations in Virginia Beach, Richmond, or NC) you can check them out at their website,

Ok back to some news to share from all fronts:

1) My dissertation was accepted at a major conference!!! I’m not going to say which one here because I don’t want people googling it and finding it here instead of the abstract on the organization’s website or elsewhere. This is soooooooooooooo huge for me, I can’t even express how big this is. Yes, I have had proposals and studies accepted at other major conferences but that has always been with a co-presenter. This is the first time I submitted something all by myself. And the comments I got back from the reviewers were all good. If you don’t know, that is very very rare. I can’t even believe it. Yep, I’m pretty bad ass πŸ˜‰

2) I’m going to visit my twin sis in NYC on Friday to celebrate our joint bday. We’re going to be…gulp…29 years old. While I get freaked out a bit when I think about approaching 30, it’s actually not nearly as bad as I always feared. I have soooo much to be grateful in my life right now. NONE of that includes marriage and kids right now, and I am 100% completely fine with that and even prefer that. I go out and have fun with my friends, run amazing races (like VEGAS!), am on a successful career path, and do what I want when I want.Β I don’t know if I’ll ever be this selfish again in my life!

It’s all about me. Yep πŸ˜‰

3) Speaking about doing what I want, when I want: VEGAS is coming up!!

3 weeks and 2 days til I’m off for a bender and then running the marathon (well, half). Woohooo!

4) Remember a little over a month ago when I said I won a Bloomindale’s sweepstakes? My $500 gift card finally came in the mail! What an awesome Monday surprise

Now, I just have to decide what to get with it…decisions, decisions

Hope your weekend’s off to a great start!

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6 Responses to News On All Fronts

  1. Samantha says:

    Congrats on getting the paper accepted! Fabulous news. Speaking of conferences, are you going to ASHE next week? (Fellow CSHPE grad, current dissertation-writing higher ed doc student here.)

    • Another CSHPE grad? Awesome!!!! Are you still at Michigan or another program? Sadly, no I won’t be going to ASHE this year. I went the last 3 years and just felt overwhelmed this year (plus I have a good deal of travel lined up…) Are you going? Last year in Indy was…ehhh, ok. But the year before in Vancouver was awesome!!

      • Samantha says:

        I’m at BC now, but have fond memories of CSHPE! I haven’t been to ASHE since Jacksonville (the year before Vancouver), and am glad it’s just a hop skip and a jump away this year (Vancouver was a wee bit far, Indie just not terribly appealing ;). But the timing is definitely rough the week before Thanksgiving!

  2. Carina says:

    As I started reading your post I was thinking about how much easier long runs are with a group, and then thinking, ah yes, Barrack’s Road… but then I got to the news! That’s an amazing accomplishment Claire and I’m certain that you deserve every bit of praise and recognition you are receiving! Very exciting — and happy early birthday!

  3. myhighonlife says:

    I’m only 21 and I have 3 of my close girlfriends getting married this summer…sometimes I think that’s frightening being that I’m 150% single. But like you said, it’s better this way. I get to do things for ME. Can’t say that I’ll be able to do that the rest of my life. … that is unless I really don’t ever get married πŸ˜‰

    congrats on the dissertation! That is OUTSTANDING!

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