I have a confession

I actually have two confessions…

1) may have mentioned this before, but I always gain weight in the summer. I don’t really know why. You’d think that I would be doing MORE outside during the summer than the fall or winter but that’s just not the case. I find myself being less active OUTSIDE and doing much more IN THE GYM (it’s too damn hot! I’d much rather run outside when it’s 30 degrees outside than when it’s hot). I run less and swim/bike more in the summer, so I am probably burning off the same amount of calories (like this last summer I did my first half ironman and several other triathlons and races). So maybe it’s because I eat more? Burgers? Hotdogs? I actually don’t eat much of that crap. Maybe it’s because I have more muscle? I dunno, my face always feels and looks fatter…

So it’s a big mystery…but every time fall and winter come around I end up losing anywhere from 5 to 10 pounds. This time around I have noticed even more of a difference. My appetite has gone way down–most likely because I can’t train for marathons and just do the half-marathon runs to keep my endurance every week (like 3, 6, and 12-13 mile runs). And I have probably lost a good 5 pounds already. I never, ever write about my weight or weight loss on here but here goes. I am 5’8” and currently weight 135. That is a BMI of 20.5, which is certainly in the healthy range.

So my first confession is that although I am relatively thin and fit I still want to lose more. Mostly I want to lose more because every pound I lose is less stress on my knee over my long runs and–this is important–I can actually feel the difference when I run. I feel much lighter and faster. I’m only talking about losing 5 pounds. 5 POUNDS people! My biggest problem is binging at night. I eat healthy (and enough) all day long and then get ravenous at night. So I’m working on it.

2) BUT it’s hard to work on it when one of my favorite things to do (and I’m so sorry, I know this is awful) is watch The Biggest Loser and eat fatty foods. It’s so sick I know 😉

I definitely didn’t tell this to Tara (from BL season 7) at the Shamrock Marathon expo who was actually not very nice to me (have I mentioned that before?). She was kind of bitch when I asked how all of the contestants “trained” for and ran a marathon in 2 weeks…I just wanted to know because as a very active runner I still always need to work up my mileage and follow 16 week training plans–experts say you shouldn’t even attempt to train for a marathon unless you have been running 3-5  miles regularly for a year. I mean, how do they not get any runner’s knees, ITBS, or other issues? Her short and snippy answer: they had been working out all day every day for a few months so that helped them build up the endurance to run the distance. Nope, sorry, to train to run you need to–surprise, surprise–run. And run long. But I digress…

Now you know my deep dark secrets. Please don’t judge me!!!!

Hope your week is off to a nice start 🙂

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4 Responses to I have a confession

  1. Carina says:

    That’s really funny about Tara. If I have time to post today, I’m going to write about going to hot yoga at night, which I started yesterday (though if you don’t like running outside when it’s hot, you might not like it) — besides sweating out a lot of junk, it seemed to control my appetite at night, which is a nice side benefit!

  2. Nothing wrong with losing 5 pounds! I think the Biggest Loser marathon is the most ridiculous thing ever. It actually makes me angry because that is a huge toll on their bodies and they are ill-equipped!

    • I know!!! I totally agree!! I’m not so concerned about the effect that running will have on the contestants (well, ok yes it is concerning), but it’s the message it sends to all the viewers: go out and run far. So many people can hurt themselves! Why don’t they just provide real information about what it takes to train and run?

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