Happy Halloween!!!

It’s funny how, if you are an adult and don’t have kids yet, it is easy to forget about what used to be the best part of halloween: trick or treating! After partying all weekend in two different costumes I actually forgot that today was halloween. I wrote my dissertation today (and got some AMAZING news, which I’ll share tomorrow) and then went to the gym tonight. On my way home I remembered it was halloween. Geez, what’s happened to me?

Well it’s not like I didn’t celebrate this weekend…

When: Thursday night pumpkin patch/carving

Where: Carter’s Mountain and my friend’s apt

how nasty is this???!

When: Friday night aka “Oo-de-lally, oo-de-lally golly what a day”

What/Costume #1: Robin Hood from the Disney version (the fox) as a part of a group of characters from that movie. We had: Robin Hood, Maid Marion, Toby the turtle, Prince John, and Sir Hiss 🙂

Where: The following bars in Cville: Rapture, Main Street Arena (best costume contest on ICE!), Blue Light, Zocalo

Most memorable moment of the night: Well, there are actually two. 1) Seeing a Morgan Freeman lookalike (no joke) dance with my friend Claire; 2) Shooting my fake arrows (suction cups) at people at the bars

a POX on the phony king of England!

All in all the costumes were a total success! I made my tail and ears/hat from scratch and I wanted them to big, orange, and cartoonish. People knew who I was right away and seemed to really like it. So that’s a WIN for me!

When: Saturday night aka “WELCOME TO THE JUNGLE”

What/Costume #2: Slash from Guns n Roses (with Axl Rose and a blow-up doll groupie, which was the breakout star of the night). My friend Claire’s costume was awesome; she was a Day of the Dead doll.

Where: The Southern for Mock Star’s Ball (5 different bands dress up as their favorite bands and play their music: Nirvana, U2, etc), The Box, Trinity, and Boylan Heights

Most memorable moment of the night: when our blow-up doll groupie went crowd surfing at The Southern. So amazing 🙂

Rocking out to the shows









I love to dress up and will never stop. I start planning my costumes in August! What were YOU for halloween?

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5 Responses to Halloweeeeeeeekend

  1. Karla says:

    Such fun costumes! I like how they’re original. Me and two of my girlfriends were the three little kittens who lost their mittens.

    That fall scenery is absolutely gorgeous!

  2. Carina says:

    Eeeee! Carter Mountain! I haven’t thought about that place in so many years. I have a picture from apple picking with my roommate framed somewhere that we took on Carter Mountain. What a fun thing to do! And Rapture, oh how fun.

    Awesome costumes! I went as Sleeping Beauty to work, since my office was really into it. Then went with my friend to take my godson and his sis trick-or-treating — much fun and lots o’ candy.

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