I set out to run 6 miles today

And ended up running 12! I’m happy that I was able to go that distance mid-week after work, but don’t get me wrong: my body wasn’t feeling that great.

You know when your legs just feel heavy and tired? Yep, that was me today. When I hit 6 miles I was sooooo tempted to stop but I’ve been meaning to do a double digit run since last weekend. Since it’s already Wednesday and I’m halfway through the week, I knew I should push myself farther.

I’m not ashamed to say I played “I can go the distance” by Michael Bolton about 3 times on my ipod

Don't hate! You know you wanna rock out to this while you run

And I know you’ve been hearing me bitch about my knee–how I’ve been trying to actively recuperate from a major articular cartilage injury under my knee cap–so I’ won’t write much about it here. It has been getting better ever so slowly (I mean, back in July I couldn’t even run 1 mile and now I’m running anywhere from 12-14 for my long runs) BUT I won’t be happy until I can run marathons again. I suppose I’m still hoping I’ll be able to run the Vegas Marathon in 5 weeks, but the knee still isn’t at that point yet I think. It’s been popping and cracking even when I walk 😦 I had an appointment with my doctor (Dr. Wilder at UVa) last week and he said the next step would be to get hyaluronic acid injections to help lubricate my knee (I guess this is a natural substance in our bodies and much better than getting cortisone shots…which I still want to get!)

Until then it’s slowly up my mileage, work on my PT exercises to strengthen my glutes and hips, and ice, Ice baby! I am wearing a swimsuit in my ice bath by the way…

I really want to run 15 or 16 miles this weekend so we’ll see how the knee holds up. And I think I’m going to sign up to run the Richmond Half Marathon in a few weeks. Should be a good tune up for Vegas 🙂

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9 Responses to I set out to run 6 miles today

  1. jsadora says:

    I am freezing looking at your picture of an ice bath! I know they say taking one is good after a long run, but I’m still hesitant. Eek! Hope your knee feels better soon!

  2. Carina says:

    In the last 2 months (after nearly a decade of distance running), I have started wearing a sweatshirt in my ice baths and leaving my running shorts on. Doesn’t seem like it would help at all, but somehow (at least in my mind) it does! Nice job on mid-week double digits!

  3. Karla says:

    Great job doubling the mileage! I can’t wait to hit double digits again–should be coming up soon!

    Ice baths are the best… but only when drinking hot coffee or cocoa while in it. I foresee many ice baths in my future with marathon training!

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