Fall Wedding in Maine

After spending a few days in Boston, it was nice to drive up to rural Maine for the wedding. The color of the leaves were absolutely gorgeous. It was an interesting experience because most of the younger wedding guests stayed in a farm house directly next to the barn where the reception was (it was a nice, new barn not used for animals). The house had 20 beds and 6 bathrooms and it was a perfect setting for some partying 🙂

On Saturday a few of us woke up and went for a beautiful country run. I ended up going 12 miles and would definitely liked to have gone farther but I already pushed past where the group went and didn’t want to end up too far out in the country, haha.

After the run (and a hearty breakfast) we headed out to a local pumpkin farm.

A pretty damn perfect, blue ribbon winning pumpkin

And it had a pumpkin museum!!!!!

After exploring the pumpkin farm it was time to go back to the farmhouse to get ready for the ceremony and reception. I chose a red “skater” dress with a camel sweater. The skater-style dress is really in now. Basically it’s just a fit and flare dress that really compliments all shapes and sizes. And I love that color combination! I also added a black belt with a gold buckle (red, camel, gold, and black)

Dress: Zara; Sweater and belt: H&M; Shoes: Nine West; Sunglasses: Prada via BlueFly; Clutch: Henri Bendel

The background for the ceremony was absolutely stunning.

 After the ceremony it was over to the barn for the cocktail hour and reception. This wedding was so cute and almost everything was handmade by the bride’s family or friends. It was a really good example of how a nice wedding can be done on a budget. What a great time 🙂

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