8 Week Countdown to Rocking the Strip

That’s 2 months exactly from today…the VEGAS MARATHON baby!!! Can you tell I’m excited? I’d be even more excited if I wasn’t missing a piece of articular cartilage from under my kneecap and I could push up my mileage. But c’est la vie, that is life. I’m happy that I got to run the Richmond 10 miler last Saturday and I will try my hardest to do the marathon (it would be my 5th!). If not, I can definitely do the half no problemo. But guess what? The full is sold out and I’ve got the golden ticket…errr bib. So take THAT knee. Ha

I guess there is (or was) supposed to be a blogger summit during the weekend. But who am I kidding…there is no way in hell that I am spending my Vegas weekend sitting in a summit, even if I could talk to fun and nice bloggers (nothing against ya!). I mean, I’m a PhD student, I spend enough time at conferences and I am spending my whole weekend going to the following:

Ghost Bar



Club XS

And spending massive amounts gambling, shopping, and at the spa 🙂 I’m still vaccillating between The Signature at MGM Grand or Aria at City Center…although my close friend who works with spinal surgeons says that she can maybe get us into a really nice house for the weekend. PARTAAAAY!

Oh, and there’s the running. Let’s rock it bitches!!!!!!!


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