An ice bath a day…

Keeps the knee pain away…? Ok, well maybe not an ice bath every day, but definitely after the long runs 🙂

Today’s training run actually wasn’t that long because of my knee (same old, same old). If my knee was healthy, I’d definitely be doing a 16 miler today. But after last week’s 14 mile run, my knee hurt…and it has been bothering me all week. I think it’s because it’s because I ran down hills last week and that seems to be a no go (I’ve read that running down hills can put up to 8 or 10 times your body weight of force on your knees). I’m going in to PT tomorrow so I’m going to ask my therapist about this. I have been strengthening my glutes and hips but I don’t think that will be enough to protect my knee joint when I run down hills. I’ll be sure to let y’all know what he says…

So today’s run: 10 miles on the treadmill so I didn’t have to worry about running down hills and putting more stress on my knee.

I actually didn’t take my GU (Jet Blackberry…my fave!!!!!)  but I brought it just in case I ran farther. All in all, my knee didn’t hurt the whole run so I decided not to push it and stop at 10 miles. Because I knew I’d have a shorter taper run this week, I decided to push it faster. And faster I ran! The last 4 miles I ran at a 8:15 pace (this is a big thing for me…usually I train at a 9:30 pace).

And after the run? An ice bath, of course

I am a total baby when it comes to taking ice baths. My feet and “lady parts” get so cold so I can only stay in a for a few minutes. Today I remedied that. I wore my smart wool socks and kept my running tights on. I also put on a sweatshirt and sipped some hot tea. Made a huge difference! I was able to stay in for a good amount of time and really ice my knees

After the bath it was time to eat. I didn’t want to leave again to get something so I just made what I had: Lean Cuisine mixed with extra whole grain pasta that I had and some mashed squash on the side (sooooooo good!!!!!!!!).

I also unloaded some stuff I bought from Target earlier in the day. You know the old adage, you can’t go to Target without buying tons of stuff. Yes that was true for me today, but I also got a lot of good items that I’ll actually use: Body by Bethany Yoga DVD (I need to do more yoga!), yoga mat, 2 for 1 Bumble & Bumble creme de Coco shampoo and conditioner (now I have 2 of each!), and some bobby pins. Sophie had to check out the swag too

Now it’s time to relax and get ready to watch a new Breaking Bad episode tonight. Love that show!!!

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3 Responses to An ice bath a day…

  1. Carina says:

    Have you done any research on good downhill running form? Maybe there would be a few tweaks you could make to avoid so much knee strain. I worked a lot on downhill form a few years ago, and while it feels awkward at first, you get used to it, and at least it seems easier on my body. But I know I pick up speed on downhills and that’s where my calf hurts most, so even form changes or corrections might not help. Just an idea! I’m going to have to try sweatshirt and tea next wknd for my ice bath. I usually wear my shorts but hadn’t worn socks before. I get so miserably cold I’ll try anything!

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  3. Pingback: 2011 Race Recap | Let's Go on a Living Spree

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