Steal of the Century Part II

Remember my last “steal of the century”? Well folks, I seem to have had the lucky shopping touch lately because I scored a major steal (well two of them) this past weekend while hitting up Richmond’s Short Pump Mall for the Labor Day sales. It’s amazing how much stress relief I get from shopping, planning outfits, and reading fashion blogs. I know I said yesterday about how swamped I am, but it’s actually gotten worse. My advisor emailed me this morning asking for a 4-page literature review of Career and Tech Ed (CTE) by tomorrow morning. Ouch. So I’ve been working away all day long, with my only break being my physical therapy appointment, which I’ll do a post on tomorrow when I have more time. It’s not the length that’s the work (4 pages is nada) but the fact that I have to sift through and synthesize all of this damn research.

So, my stress relief/procrastination is now nearing an end and I have to get back to work. Here’s a sneak peak of my steal of the century part II:

Is that Badgley Mischka I see?

I’ll reveal what I got tomorrow!

I had to take a pic of how I’ve been “storing” my purses and handbags as of late. I’m pretty good at keeping most of them in the dust bags they come with, but it seems quite unsightly to store them on the ground. I must find a place to neatly (and cutely) store or display them!

Well goodnight, I’ll probably be up until about 3am trying to get more of my work done so I can meet this deadline :-/

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