On Teaching In Higher Education

Even though this past weekend was a holiday weekend, I have been swamped. I actually had to work on Labor Day yesterday and the classes I teach start this week! Although the beginning of the semester always has that fresh, new, “anything can happen” feeling, it’s always one of the busiest times (well the beginning and the end, haha).

Last night I taught a class of 75 undergraduate students about the science of learning. It was only an hour and a half lecture and seemed to fly by. But get this: they gave me a standing ovation at the end. Me oh my, that felt weird. And good. Guess they liked it 🙂 Because we educators make next to nothing in terms of monetary rewards, that was a nice intangible reward that I won’t ever forget (usually people pack right up and rush out of the room). I have high hopes for the semester! This is much different than when I taught high school (although that was very rewarding as well, this is much better for me)

Me in my first high school teaching gig: 10th Grade History in Bedford, MA

My second teaching job at Canton H.S.: 10th and 11th Grade History (and a new classroom!)

Never ending grading for 120 students

Tonight is my history class at the local community college, which only has 22 students signed up. It’ll be nice to have one smaller class so I can actually get to know the students.

I can’t wait to be done with my PhD so I can start to look for jobs!!! The day the I graduated with my (2nd) master’s feels so long ago

I’ve got to be uber productive this year!

P.S. I was able to do some really good shopping on Sunday, so I’ll do a mini Mystery Shopping post a bit later and reveal the goods tomorrow.

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  1. Arjun Sharma says:

    Loved ur post 🙂

    would appreciate it if ud visit my blog as well. thanks 🙂


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