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Richmond Capitol 10 miler

I asked myself, why not give the hurt knee a test drive? See, I’ve been running most of my long runs on the treadmill (and after my 14 miler last week my knee hurt for 6 days). My PT told me yesterday … Continue reading

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An ice bath a day…

Keeps the knee pain away…? Ok, well maybe not an ice bath every day, but definitely after the long runs 🙂 Today’s training run actually wasn’t that long because of my knee (same old, same old). If my knee was … Continue reading

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Weekend Recap: Skybar, Turkey Chili & Football

Last night we checked out the opening night of a new bar/restaurant in Charlottesville: Commonwealth Restaurant and Skybar. The “Skybar” is a rooftop bar with tons of room, tvs, couches, and music. As it was opening night, it was packed!! … Continue reading

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Cabin Fever

Get ready for a ton of pictures kids. I’ve done so much this past week. Monday: Write dissertation Tuesday: Write dissertation, teach, UVa soccer game Wednesday: Write dissertation Thursday: Write dissertation, grade, teach Friday: Write dissertation I didn’t say I … Continue reading

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Totally Terrific Tuesday Things

Ok whoa, that was way too enthusiastic for a Tuesday, especially the cloudy one we have here. Although I’m loving the cooler temps, I wish it could be cooler and sunny at the same time. Geez, can’t I have it … Continue reading

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Body saying YES! Knee saying…well, okay

This kind of reminds me of that R. Kelly song, “my mind’s telling me no, but my body, my booooody’s telling me yeeees” Ok, I digress… That is exactly how I felt during my long run this week. I finally … Continue reading

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Pros and Cons of Running With Music

The debate between allowing music/earphones during races is a controversial one. I personally need music when I run. It allows me to push myself farther than I would without it and helps me sometimes to “disassociate” from running when I … Continue reading

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