Concrete Jungle Where Dreams Are Made Of


In the City just for today for a meeting at Columbia University (we do research with them) that lasts ALL DAY. My flight left this morning at 6am (I got up at 4am) and I won’t get back until 10:30pm. Flying up to NYC and back in one day–and having a meeting all day long–is a really long day. I would know, I do it way too often.

Don’t get me wrong. Although it’s tiring, I love the opportunity to jet up to NY, cab it to Columbia, and at least see part of the city while I’m here. We do it multiple times a semester. I’ve also been able to travel to Austin and Dallas, TX, Indianapolis, Vancouver, and Charlotte, NC. But we mostly come to NYC. Two years ago, we were able to go to the US Open after one of our meetings. Today it’s just up for the meeting and then back home. And into bed right away. I’m exhausted!

Another perk: We had a beautiful view flying into the City this morning πŸ™‚

New York Baby

Central Park

So sorry for all of the short posts. I swear once my time frees up a bit I’ll be more chatty.

And guess what? It’s hump day. Let’s get over the hump and on to the weekend!!!

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3 Responses to Concrete Jungle Where Dreams Are Made Of

  1. Carina says:

    Let me know next time you’re in Dallas! We have UVa happy hours every so often and we could schedule one in your honor! Or we could go for a run!

  2. Ananta says:

    I am SO sorry! I know how you feel. I started tnianirg coming off an IT band injury. I keep waiting for it to creep back. My PT strongly urged me to not run back to back days and if I did then one of them needs to be very easy. I have stuck to this and lots of icing and foam rolling it seems to be working for me thus far(fingers crossed). Maybe take a few days off to ice and foam roll then try the next few weeks only running 3-4x/week. I know that probably sounds awful running so little, but it really has been working for me(could be worth a shot?). I sincerely hope you get better!!

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