Mystery Shopping Revealed

I got back to Cville late last night after an unexpectedly smooth flight (I thought for sure with the hurricane on its way the flight would be very turbulent). I was very lucky to make it back…all of the flights to Richmond, Charlotte, and other cities were cancelled. Turns out, my flight was the last one they were letting in. Yahoooo! I hate having flights delayed or cancelled. And it’s really nice to be back home.

So on to revealing what was in the shopping bags. Bloomingdales and Filene’s Basements are two stores that I absolutely love and miss having in my home town. Filene’s is a mainstay in Boston (its first store was in the Downtown Crossing neighborhood of the Bean), and I used to swing through it on my way to/back from work. And Bloomies is, well, BLOOMIES!! Nothing compares.

In the Bloomies bag

Some “geek chic” tortoise Michael Kors sunglasses. The girl at the sunglass counter was super nice and helped me find these glasses, which are both trendy and classic. I wanted to go for some Marc Jacobs sunnies, but she got out some other options and I like these best. All of my other sunglasses are black or wire, so I was excited to get some tortoise ones. The best way to update your look is with some sunnies! 🙂

In the Filene’s bag

A leopard snood (don’t you love that word: snood? lol). I probably wouldn’t wear the leopard with the tortoise sunglasses, but this gives an idea of how they both look

Sorry I’m a hot mess, this is without any makeup/hair

Some black wedges (CL by Laundry). Perfect with a skirt or with long jeans and they’re so comfortable!

Not doing much for the rest of today. Just a lazy Saturday. Hurricane Irene is pushing up the VA coast and we’re getting some rain and wind here. A perfectly dreary day for doing some work…and maybe getting a mani/pedi. Then I have plans to go out later!

Hope you’re having a great weekend!

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