Ode to Packing

Dear Packing,

I hate you. I never know what to bring because I usually change my mind about what I will wear on my trip. I also always bring workout clothes and shoes, which take up a lot of space! Damn you, packing, how you gonna play me that way?



Ok, ok, so I dislike packing. Me and I think everyone else. It’s no surprise, then, that I procrastinate and put off my packing until the very last minute. Today I waited until the last 30 min before I had to drive to the airport to pack up my stuff. I had important things to do (or that’s what I tell myself)!

I had to run to a really cute local store, called O’ Susannah, to pick up a few gifts for my newborn neice. I’m keeping them under wraps but I’ll be sure to reveal what I got tomorrow

On its way to Chicago

I had to get to the gym to eek out a quick workout. I meant to get up early and run outside today because it is so beautiful out, but I didn’t sleep well last night and couldn’t drag myself out of bed before 9:30am. Yep, I’m lazy. I ended up having a pretty good workout at the gym, though:

3 mile run (9:40 pace)

Chest, triceps, delts circuit

Core circuit (pilates, oblique cruches, crunches on the exercise ball, plank)

1 mile run (8:40 pace)

Of course I had to have coffee once I got home, now that I’m drinking it again.  I just bought a new Keirug and it’s amazing. I don’t know why I never had one before. I can make my tea and coffee so easily now and save a ton of money (although I’ll always need one or two cups of Dunkin’ coffee/week)

K-cups in the house!!!!!

Then the little gremlin had to go out. Sometimes I think she knows that I’m in a rush and deliberately takes her time. Today she just laid out in the sun and refused to go potty. That little rascal.

I'm gonna give you the stink eye

Hhmmmph...I refuse to look at you

Finally, I hurried to get my stuff packed so I could make my flight.

Off to the Chi!!! : -)

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One Response to Ode to Packing

  1. beachgirlrunning says:

    I can totally relate to no sleep = no early AM workout. ..good for you to get it in before you left! Have a fab time in the windy city!

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