Earthquakin’ and Shakin’

As I was sitting outside working on my new syllabus for the class I teach at the community college on this gorgeous day, an EARTHQUAKE struck! It wasn’t just a small tremor. Nope, early reports say that the epicenter was about 20 miles from good ole’ Charlottesville and it registered 5.8 on the richter scale.

Washington Post

It felt like the whole ground was shaking uncontrollably and I saw the bricks on the sidewalk start to separate. EEEeeek! We had an awful storm last week. What’s next?

I’m sure if you’re on the East Coast somewhere you felt it and I hope you are OK!!! According to CNN, Cville had “a pretty good shake” because it was so close to the epicenter. So far I don’t see and haven’t heard of any damage. Gonna go check out fellow Cvillian, Kath’s blog, hope her new bakery withstood the quake!

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2 Responses to Earthquakin’ and Shakin’

  1. Kath says:

    We are OK!!

    So scary about the bricks. I didn’t think to look at the GROUND!

    And hilarious second headline on your screenshot!

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