Wild and Wonderful Weekend

While some of the bloggers I love to read were in Philly talking about and actually being healthy this weekend, I went to West Virginia. Where it is almost impossible to be healthy. Seriously. Here’s a rundown of my diet over the past three days:



Chick-Fil-A (Although I always get the grilled chicken sandwich and side salad instead of fries. MONEY!)



Omelet and pancakes



Baseball game hotdogs



Chocolate Chip Cookies

UGHhhhhhhhhhhh. So ok, even though West Virginia is one of the least healthy states it is possible to eat  better than that. I just didn’t because it was a binge/party/go crazy kind of weekend. I probably drank my weight in beer. And that’s ok, because it was well worth it (or at least I’ll tell myself that tomorrow) 🙂

Can’t go to West Virginia without starting at a dive bar (although we later moved to more sophisticated places in downtown Charleston)

shots, shots, shots shots shots SHOTS

 Next day we caught a West Virginia Power baseball game (the local baseball team). It was a blast! It reminded me of when we would go to the Madison Mallards games in college

Appalachian Power Park

Capital building at night

I did get SOME exercise in (if you wanna call it that). On the drive back today we stopped at the New River Gorge to see a few overlooks and take a short hike (3 miles)

 Gorg. We also stopped at the Greenbrier Resort in White Sulfur Springs, WV. The Greenbrier is an amazing place (like amazingly expensive hotel!!). It used to be a hospital during the Civil War, which was later converted to a luxury resort. The area has natural hot springs, so the resort was built around them, enticing visitors to sit in their healing waters. Today it’s just basically a golf/tennis/fancy pants place. They even have their own landing pad for people to take their private jets or helicopters. Presidents have been known to vacation as well. Check it.

The original spring house

Tennis, of course

Infiniti pool with great views of the Appalachian Mtns

It was a weekend full of indulgences. Tomorrow it’s back to the usual routine. School technically starts tomorrow…but guess what? As a third year doc student I don’t even take classes anymore. I just need to work on my dissertation. Everyday. For the rest of my life. Ok, maybe not the rest of my life but at least for the next year. It’ll be weird to be back at school, sitting in my office, and not in classes. I also have plans to bang out my long run, which I did last Monday. I’ve got to get all of this done because on Wednesday I’m off to Chicago to see my newborn niece 🙂

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