You know you’re a runner when

Today’s 5miler felt great. I love those running days where you feel like you seriously could run forever (they seem to only happen once in a blue moon)! Instead of doing a tempo run I switched it up and did a fartlek run. Fartleks, which means “speed play” in Swedish, are like intervals where the runner varies the pace throughout the run. Fartleks are similar to interval training in that they include short fast runs that alternate with slow running or jogging recovery intervals.  With fartleks, however,  there is no predetermined schedule to follow; runners will set their own interval lengths and pace in response to their own feeling of the workload. Since I was feeling good today, I ran some pretty fast segments 🙂

Like most runners, I also let my mind wander during my runs and end of thinking about anything and everything under the sun. Since I started the blog, I find myself passing the time thinking about what I will post. Today I thought about some of the crazy, quirky things runners do. These things might make us look or sound weird to non-runners, but they create a shared culture. Here are some of the ones I could think of

You know you’re a runner if…

  • The first thing you do in the morning/last thing you do at night is check the weather. Scratch that. You check the weather every 5 min 😉
  • You end up just wearing running clothes everyday (if you can, like me) because, well, you’re just going to change into them later and get all sweaty anyways (I’m fighting tooth and nail to actually change this one about myself!)
  • Your running/workout gear takes disproportionately large space in your closet/dresser. This includes all the race t-shirts (I have an idea about what I will do with mine)
  • You walk around the gym with your own foam roller and tennis ball to sit on (to massage and stretch your glutes 😉 )
(not to mention that you get ridiculously sweaty from 6+ mile runs on the treadmill)
  • You have crazy dreams about running: showing up late to a race/not being able to run or move your legs/winning a race/other weird running dreams.
  • You are constantly hungry. Like all. the. time. Tonight I killed a breakfast pita and some baked chips like it was my job. And I’m still hungry 🙂
  • Somehow on your shopping trips you always end up buying running clothes.
  • You know all too well what it feels like to have the runners’–achem–runs. You may or may not have had to make an emergency pit stop outside behind something during one of your long runs. You think twice before eating “ruffage” the night before a long run or a race.
  • Icing your ______________ (knees, legs, feet, etc) has become a part of your daily schedule (unless you are biomechanically amazing. and if that’s the case I hate you 😉 tell me your secret!)

  • When someone asks you about running you somehow end up talking about your plantar fascia/IT bands/running shoes or insoles/Gus or shot blocks, etc.
  • You get marathon madness 🙂 As soon as you finish a race you can’t wait to plan/train for another one!!!!!
What are some of the runner’s quirks you have? 
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One Response to You know you’re a runner when

  1. Carina says:

    Well, the first one doesn’t apply to me except from Nov – Feb. The rest of the time, esp now, I feel like I know exactly what the weather will be. Right now there’s no point in checking to see where it is between 75 and 85 at 5 a.m., either way, it’s hot and dry and I know what I’m wearing. And I’m trying to work on the second to last one — I sometimes assume that a coworker who runs is the same as someone who shares my obsession. Someone said to me this week “you lost me at peroneus longus” and it turns out he’s more of a 3-4 miles a couple days a week guy, and for some reason I thought he was into long runs, etc.

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